Oregon: For All Your Staycation Needs

If there is one thing America has its choice. Seriously, there is a reason why such a huge percentage of American’s don’t have a passport and that’s the fact looking at America is like looking at a menu stuffed full of the most delicious meals you could imagine, from starter right through to dessert. Choice is fantastic, but choice is also horrendous.

Well, let us help you out a bit because, if you’re one day away from spinning a globe and seeing where it stops, we suggest you look at Oregon. The beautiful state of Oregon. It’s got something for everyone, no matter how big your family is. You can also take a look at Meredith Lodging’s top things to do in Pacific City before planning your trip.


Haribo may well have coined the phrase, ‘Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of blah blah blah,’ but we all know that title belongs to donuts and there is nowhere better than Blue Star. They’ve got everything your mind and belly could possibly want and it’s the ideal way to rid your family of any travel stress. Fancy donuts, sweet donuts, savory donuts, everything donuts. Our family favorite was definitely the hard apple cider fritter one.

Cannon Beach

It doesn’t matter where you hold yourself up, you have got to get to Cannon Beach. Your kids will be astounded at it because it looks like something out of a movie, and you’ll get to explain that it is actually from a movie, a movie from your childhood. It’s from Goonies. It’s iconic. It’s amazing. It’s stunning, like super stunning. Please don’t miss this treat. Pleeeaaase.


There are so many places to satisfy your taste buds in the fine state of Oregon, but our absolutely favorite was the Pine Shed Ribs and Barbecue restaurant. The decision was unanimous because the place is the greatest barbecue and ribs eatery we have ever been to. It’s everything it says in the name and so much more. If it can be barbecued it can be got here.


You’re in Oregon and that means you have got to experience what crabbing in this place is all about. Gather the kids, get some crabbing pots, hire a dinghy and take to the water. The other thing you have got to be wary of is pesky seals going for your bait, which is why the locals say you should chicken or mink. Oh, and watch the tide. That’s another local’s little tip. It’s not dangerous, but it will be embarrassing.

Hatfield Marine

What kid doesn’t have their mind blown by all things sea creatures. Okay, maybe your hand is raised because you kid is going through that ‘I hate everything’ stage, but that’s fine because all you need to do is lay down a gauntlet. Ask them if they know what a sea cucumber feels like. Chances are, they don’t. But they can find out here. So take a stroll, enjoy the sights and sounds and tick another thing off your Oregon list.


Not every day can be guaranteed sunshine. It just can’t. But that’s the perfect excuse to check out Powell’s bookstore. You can get lost in this place (it’s the largest independent bookstore in the world), and you’ll never want to leave, especially when you discover the rare books section where the books are beautiful and tattered and exactly how you imagine the library at Hogwarts would be. That’s your in. That’s how to keep your kids amused.

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