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NutriBullet Review

A special thanks to NutriBullet, LLC for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

NutriBullet Review

About the NutriBullet

“The NutriBullet System is quite simply the best product out there to make healthy, nutritious drinks that can help you fight and prevent disease, lose weight, relieve joint pain, promote healthy, younger-looking skin, and even add years to your life. The secret is the NutriBullet’s exclusive extractor technology which uses a 600 watt motor with cyclonic action and the patented extractor blades. This technology breaks down and pulverizes the stems, seeds, and skins where most of the essential nutrition lies – unlike what juicers and blenders do. Plus, with the NutriBullet, many of our customers have seen an improvement in their health within the first week once they started using it. As you know, juicers make juice and blenders make smoothies. But the NutriBullet makes supercharged NutriBlasts – and by drinking just one NutriBlast a day, you can give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to fight and prevent disease.”

NutriBullet Review


NutriBullet Review

My Review

The kids and I have always been fans of making smoothies at home in the blender, but had no idea what we were missing out on until testing out the NutriBullet. I had previously been using an average blender for years, nothing extravagant but it got the job done.  I have heard wonderful things about the NutriBullet and is also rated as one of the best smoothie blenders by KitchenGuyd so I could not wait to see what the talk was all about. I am always seeing them on display at the stores and have wanted one for the longest time. The NutriBullet was ready to use once taken out of the box, no assembly required. I immediately headed to the kitchen and started adding some simple ingredients for testing purposes. Once the ingredients and water were added to the cup, you just screw the milling blade cover on and you are ready to go! Connecting the cup to the NutriBullet power base is really simple, but not as convenient as the final step! Simply plug the NutriBullet in and push the cup down into the base for it to start working, there are no buttons to press!

NutriBullet Review

I was amazed at how fast the food blended and how smooth it came out! The smoothie poured out so smoothly and was absolutely delicious! We ended up making three more batches of shakes within the first hour of using the NutriBullet because they just kept coming out absolutely delicious.

NutriBullet Review

Our favorite by so far is the delicious and super healthy strawberry banana smoothie, which we make at least twice a week. Again, just look at how smooth it looks, this truly makes a difference!

NutriBullet Review

In addition to being easy and convenient to use, the NutriBullet is also very easy to clean. Being pregnant means I have to watch what I eat and make sure it’s healthy and full of nutrients. The NutriBullet has been so helpful in creating delicious and healthy recipes so that I may continue eating a good diet for the baby. This has also been a fantastic way to sneak vegetables into my children’s diet, most of the time they can’t even tell I added some greens to the mix. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the NutriBullet and do not have a single negative thing to say about it! My only regret is that I didn’t have one of these amazing products sooner!

NutriBullet Review

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94 thoughts on “NutriBullet Review

  1. I used to love making smoothies, but my blender died a few months back. Haven’t gotten around to getting a new one and now I don’t think I will. Instead, I’ll be checking out a NutriBullet. Thanks for the review! <3

  2. I would love to have this, I miss my SMOOTHIES, my blender broke over a year ago and can not afford to buy a new one.

  3. That’s pretty cool that there is no assembly required. I have been looking at blenders lately and they all seem too complicated or that they would just add to my already cluttered cabinets…and that strawberry banana smoothie looks so good. One question though…Is it noisy?

  4. I love this and it would help us so much because my great niece and nephew do not like so many food items such a veggies. This would guarantee me they are getting what they need daily and something i believe they would enjoy.

  5. Thanks for such a nice review. I too am a big fan of smoothies and enjoy making them at all times of the day. I’ve heard a lot about the nutribullet but have yet to try one. It looks easy to use and the smoothies look so well blended in the pictures. The blender I do have, a lot of times the smoothie ingredients mix well on the bottom but just sit there on top.

  6. I love making smoothies and have used a regular blender for years like you had been doing- now I think I really need to have a Nutribullet!!! This looks like a fantastic product that saves a lot of time and blends like a dream- thanks for the review!

  7. I could use this. I find making smoothies in a blender takes too long. The motor starts to over heat before the the drink is blended.

  8. I have recently heard about these and want one so bad! I have a juicer, but have always felt like it wasted so much of the produce I use. This product does not and it appears to be a much easier product to use and clean than my big clunky juicer.

  9. This is just what I need to replace our blender I killed yesterday (don’t ask!) so that we can make our morning smoothies and favorite soups.

  10. I have been wanting one of these to make healthy smoothies without any chunks! it looks fast and easy and the perfect size for a single smoothie.

  11. I love that it is powerful enough to blend full. A lot of blenders you have to add, blend, add or else there will be chucks left!

  12. I love the concept of how the Nutribullet breaks down nutritious food so that all the nutrients can be absorbed and digested easily. I have a very expensive blender, but it only gets to the food that is close to the blade. The way the Nutribullet is built seems a lot more effective and efficient. I would love to own one!!

  13. Our blender is on its last legs and will barely make a smoothie any more (especially if any of the ingredients are frozen!). This product looks way better than a regular blender, so I may consider it when we go shopping for our next one.

  14. Ever since I saw this on an infomercial and then reading all the reviews I’ve been wanting one. I need to lose weight so the Nutrisystem could help me do that. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy one so I just keep entering contests in hope that I win one. Maybe this will be the lucky one.

  15. Wow, there’s so much I could do with one of these! It really would help me get healthier too because I’m so lazy and addicted to processed foods. Thanks for the chance!

  16. I like that you can store the nutribullet container in the refrigerator and put on the base when you want to make the smoothie. So it’s convenient for kids and adults to use plus it has all that fiber from the pulp of the food.

  17. I love this you can make such healthy drinks with it for the whole family to get there fruits and veggies each day. Making baby food would be wonderful to make too.

  18. I have been wanting a Nutri Bullet, heard wonderful things and from your post, it looks very easy to make smoothies. 🙂

  19. Would love to win this for my daughter she just recently asked fo one precisely for the ability to make healthy smoothies and juices . She is training to participate in a mini marathon 🙂

  20. My husband bought my daughter and I both the magic bullet 3 years ago. I love mine and I use it everyday. My favorite recipe is the 5 min cheese cake, I have seen commercials for the Nutri bullet and was wondering if there was very much difference from the bullet I already have.

  21. This sounds like a great product. It would be useful to me. I could make smoothies and all kinds of things.

  22. would love to win this, I love making smoothies in the mornings or anytime really, so healthy and fast when I am on the go.

  23. Thank you for a thorough review. The NutriBullet sounds great as a smoothie/drink maker, but can it do anything else? Still sounds great no matter what.

  24. I would love one of these to make smoothies for my family. The strawberry one you made looks so yummy!

  25. I’m a big fan of smoothies and I love how versatile the Nutri Bullet is because there are so many kinds of smoothies I’d love to try that my regular blender just can’t handle i.e. I’m currently enjoying a green smoothie but the greens end up like mush instead of being pureed like they would in the NutriBullet. I think the smoothies that I enjoy would be much more palatable with the stronger machine.

  26. I’d really like to try one of these blenders. I’m without a blender right now, but I’m having a really hard time deciding which new blender to get!

  27. I’m always afraid to buy new things like this, so I am glad I got to read your review. I have a digestive disease and it takes me about 6x as long to digest food as a normal person. I often have to drink protein shakes and things to get nutrients. This looks like a great way to get some good flavor without making my body work harder.

  28. My blender just stopped working. I saw the Nutri-bullet at Costco the other day and am considering it. I am wondering how it does at crunching up ice. Would really like to try it!

  29. I’ve used the original Bullet for making baby food before the Baby Bullet came out and it’s freaking awesome! We have a juicer and we love it but cannot use bananas in it. Sad day 🙁

  30. I love how it is big enough to break up hard fruits/veggies but small enough to keep out on your counter even if you dont have much counter space like we do. I would love to give it a try! Esp the recipes you have above…they sound so good!

  31. I love the whole idea of being able to make a smoothie quick and easy. I want one of these so bad!

  32. I’ve seen so many infomercials about this, I think it’s about time I got one already! I want to start making fruit/veggie smoothies to start out my day

  33. Awesome machine. Something that most homes could use to make nutritious shakes and smoothies.

  34. This Strawberry Banana Smoothie looks so-o-o delicious,I Want One!I like that the NutriBullet operates by pushing down on the jar, in that way you can control the consistency of whatever you are blending.

  35. I love the NutriBullet. I don’t have one, but even if I don’t win this contest I’m still planning on buying one simply for the fact that it’s small and doesn’t take up all the space that my Ninja does. I also plan on making my baby food in it. So yay for this contest! Super excited!

  36. I have heard only good things about this. I love the individual sized drinks that it can make and the thought that I might be able to get my 10 year old to drink his way healthy.

  37. Your smoothie looks delicious! Our blender is so old, the lid has been missing for at least 5 years or so, but I would love to start making healthy drinks and treats. You can really make an exceptional smoothie that is deceptively healthy.

  38. My mother got a NutriBullet for Christmas and she loves it. By making filling and nutrient dense smoothies for breakfast she has found that she is snacking less, feeling better and losing some weight. I want one!

  39. The cleaning factor has always been a hindrance of ours concerning small appliance usage. We’d love to have one of these, it sounds like it would work perfectly for our lifestyle.

  40. The Nutribullet would be perfect for making my Butterscotch Frozen Frosty’s. I use to make these all the time but I burned out my blender last summer making a pitcher full of Frosty’s. I need something that is strong and can crush the ice and this looks like the perfect machine to get the job done. Thanks for sharing this review.

  41. Love the idea that it is easy to use and the size, this would be great to try to get my husband’s nutritional needs met it hasn’t been easy for him to eat or keep food down since he started chemo

  42. The smoothie looks awesome. I believe this would help motivate me by eating better.. I am horrible at junk food 🙁

  43. This would be so great for summer and making smoothies and milkshakes.I have been wanting one for quite some time 🙂

  44. Thanks for the awesome review! This product looks awesome! I have been so excited to try one ever since I heard about it. I like how compact it is (juicers always seem so big and inconvienient!). I always tell myself that I want try so many different healthy drinks and smoothies, but never do. I think this system would be something I could and would use every day!

  45. A great review. I love smoothies and I think the NutriBullet would be perfect for me and my family. I love that it is so small but so powerful!

  46. Wow looks like an awesome blender/chopper, and no buttons sounds like it is so easy to use!! The smooothie looks delicious and hope I can make one sometime, imagine all the things!!! 🙂

  47. That really does look smooth! I’ve been using a traditional blender, and it never looks that smooth. I usually spend several minutes having to stop the blender and scrape the smoothie ingredients from the bottom and sides just to be able to continue blending. It looks like the NutriBullet would really solve that problem.

  48. I would love to have one of this. I love that it is powerful enough to blend full. Thank you for your review.

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