Nursing Mom Must Haves

A special thanks to Medela for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review! 

I am so proud to share that I have successfully nursed all three of my children over the one year mark, it was no easy task but well worth the sacrifice. With another little one due in October, I plan on nursing with this baby as well and it had me thinking about the items I could not have lived without while nursing. I have recently teamed up with Medela to share with you the four items that in my opinion… every expectant mother should have on their list of must have nursing items!

Nursing Mom Must Haves

Choosing the perfect nursing bra is (to me) the first step in your journey when shopping for nursing items. Having one that is both comfortable and easy to snap/unsnap is essential. The Medela Maternity & Nursing Comfort Bra is non-wire and seamless, making ideal for those first several months of adjusting to nursing when your breast are uncomfortable and soar! The premium stretch fabric provides all day comfort and support during pregnancy and while nursing… and let’s face it, our breasts go through a lot of changes when pregnant and after you have baby… so it’s always nice to have a bra that can adjust with those changes and not cause you any discomfort.  The “open-and-close” clips and full drop cup are easy to unhook and reattach during breastfeeding, which is one less thing to worry about when trying to comfort your new baby. 

Nursing Mom Must Haves

If you are looking for something a little more comfortable to sleep in, then you will love this Maternity & Nursing T-shirt Bra! What I am personally loving about this bra is the non-wire design and the extra stretchy underbust band that provides all day comfort and adapts to my growing belly. This bra also has soft, removable cups that gently shape your bust and provides added discretion and creates an attractive silhouette. The clips are equally as easy to use as the previous bra I mentioned. 

Nursing Mom Must Haves

Something I always did when nursing my newborns is make sure to wear a tank top under my shirts. I always felt so insecure about having to lift my shirt up to nurse, only to have my stomach slightly show… not something I was comfortable flaunting after just having a baby! Having the tank top to cover my stomach made me feel more confident about nursing around people, but it was also a hassle to maneuver pulling down a tank top, pulling up my shirt and then unclipping the nursing bra… so much work when trying to be discreet! I went far too many years without investing in some Maternity & Nursing Tanks, something I can never live without while nursing a baby!

This nursing tank is great for layering and feeling more comfortable and confident when nursing either in public or around friends/family. The non-wire design results in a tank that is super soft and stretchy, while also providing maximum comfort and support. I can not stress this enough… this is one of the best items I have owned while nursing, you will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase one!

Nursing Mom Must Haves

The final item on my list is a nursing pillow. You all know how much I love to save money whenever I can… so you can only imagine how excited I was to discover that Medela has a maternity and nursing pillow all in one! You no longer need to purchase one of each, this amazing product is the only pillow you will need during your pregnancy and while you are nursing. 

The Maternity and Nursing Pillow is absolutely something you will want to have once that belly starts to get uncomfortably large. I remember during my first few pregnancies (before discovering a pregnancy pillow) struggling to get cozy at night as I stuffed pillow and blankets under my large belly. Once I realized what a game changer a pregnancy pillow was, I was able to easily find a position that was comfortable to sleep in. Just the thought of having a pillow that I will use to rest my growing belly on… and then one day use that same exact pillow to rest my baby’s head on as I nurse her gives me instant butterflies! 

Nursing Mom Must Haves

This pillow contains a super- flexible, moon shape design that is perfect for wrapping around you when pregnant, holding baby securely for nursing or keeping you comfortable while pumping. The 100% pure cotton cover is made with durable and breathable natural fibers that are gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. The pillow also has a soft EPS micro pearl filling, which makes it feather-light and noiseless filling for an undisturbed rest. The removable cover will also make it simple to keep clean. I just love how soft and light weight this pillow is!

I hope this guide was helpful and provided you with enough information to make shopping for the must have nursing items simple! Feeding your baby… no matter which method you choose… is a different journey for each and every mom. Medela and Mamava (two companies that have been at the forefront in advocating and supporting breast milk feeding families) have teamed up to create the New Moms’ Healthy Returns program. This program recognizes the multiple vendors that employers face and creates a single-source solution that is customizable, depending on the needs of the employer and their working moms, and includes:

  • Top-of-the-line breastfeeding products and resources from Medela LLC
  • Lactation pods by Mamava—easy-to-place, freestanding and designed to meet the physiological needs of breast milk feeding mothers
  • 24/7 virtual support from pregnancy through baby’s first year powered by Pacify
  • Breast milk shipping for traveling employees
  • Education and support to help support a successful breastfeeding journey

You may be thinking to yourself… why is this important? You have seen the same stories far too many times in the news about moms having pump in the closet and other horrible places they are forced to pump.  While there are laws that require time and space to express milk, there is no easy or clear way for many employers to offer it. This program is making it easier for moms to get back into the workforce after having a baby and providing their managers with the education they need to make pumping possible at the workplace. 

Looking for more support? Medela has you covered! 24/7 LC is a membership service available through the MyMedela app that offers moms live support with instant video connection to a professional lactation consultant through their smartphone, anytime they need it. Calls are typically answered in less than 30 seconds, and users have access 24-hours a day, seven days a week, meaning moms can get the answers they need on their schedule any time they have a question or issue related to breast milk feeding.

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