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November 30 Days of Thanks

Follow along as I share with you all that I am thankful for in the month of November!

November 1: Today I am most thankful for two happy, healthy and loving children. Despite their tendency to drive me completely bonkers most of the time, they are two of the most incredible little people I have ever known. They are passionate, not afraid to speak up and always have each others back. Their love, compassion and laughter is contagious and I can’t help but be proud of the amazing people they are. I am so incredibly thankful for the kindness they show towards others and I could not be more proud of them!

November 2: Today I am thankful to have the most amazing, hard working and supportive partner to spend forever with. He works so incredibly hard for his family, in order to give us a great life, and it means more to me than he knows. I am most grateful to not only have a partner, but a best friend that has shown me nothing but support & unconditional love and is the only person in my life (other than my children) that has never let me down. He makes me a stronger and better person and I am eternally grateful for that.

November 3: Today i am thankful that my children are such amazing sleepers. Getting them to sleep may be a battle every single night, but once those beautiful eyes shut, they’re asleep until morning. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am that my children equally love sleeping in on the weekends as I do. So as I sit here, eating a late breakfast with my family, I cant help but feel overwhelmingly lucky to have had a great night of rest. Thank you sleepy heads!

November 4: Today I am thankful to be fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. My daughter woke up feeling under the weather and clearly not well enough to attend school. I remember all too well the stress of calling out of work when a child is sick! I am so grateful that I am able to be home with my sick child and dedicate all of my time to helping her recuperate. It’s because of what I expressed on November second that makes it possible for me to be home with my children and again… It means more to me than he knows!

November 5: Today I am thankful for my beautiful, talented and compassionate seven year old daughter. I was just 18 years old when I found out I was pregnant with her… little did I know how much that unexpected blessing would change my life! She has taught me so much more than she realizes and I am grateful to have her in my life. Her father and I are stronger and better people because she came into our lives, she gave us meaning and a reason to strive for excellence. My love for her is indescribable and I could not imagine my life with out her. Today is for you Skye, I am so very thankful for you my love!

November 7: Today I am thankful for my loving, caring and helpful three year old. While frantically running around, multitasking with dinner, helping my daughter with homework and  folding laundry I found myself confused when a pile of towels was missing. I thought it over for a few moments, wondering what in the world I did with the towels that I just folded! I soon realized that my son was not downstairs and as I came around the corner and looked up, I could see him at the top of the stairs putting the towels away in the linen closet. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear over the fact that my three year old willingly helped his mother without being asked to. I can only feel pride and reassurance that maybe I am doing something right with this whole parenting thing.

November 8: Today I am thankful for the food in my kitchen. It saddens me beyond words the fact that there are children out there that go to bed with empty stomachs and feel the aches of hunger daily. I sometimes forget how lucky I am for a husband that works so hard that I am able to go and buy food at any time and my children never have to feel hunger. I drive to my husbands work, in the city, a few days of week to bring him lunch and drive past an area where many homeless stand and hold signs. Today’s entry has given me the realization that I should to more for those that can’t afford food and pay it forward to those that stand there hungry and cold.

November 9: Today I am thankful for the roof over my head and the heat the keeps my family warm. I am thankful that we have means to keep our family safe and warm. My mother volunteers at a women’s shelter where so many women and children don’t have the luxury of having a roof over their head. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have a place to call home, so today I feel incredibly blessed to say I do.

November 10: Today I am thankful to be the oldest of four daughters. My sister’s and I may not always get along or even see each other that often. But when I think back to my childhood and what fun a big family brought, I can’t help but be overwhelmingly thankful for me three younger sisters! They are all so unique and special in their own ways and I am so proud of the wonderful people they are.

November 11: Today I am thankful to all of the men and women of the armed forces that sacrifice so much for my families freedom. I am also thankful to the families of those men and women because they make an even bigger sacrifice. I can not imagine the ache in your heart, the fear in your soul each time your loved one leaves for service. I thank you so very much for being able to make that sacrifice, your strength is inspirational.

November 12: Today I am thankful for hot, delicious and comforting coffee. I have an extreme love for coffee and it’s something I look forward to every morning… there is just something about that first cup of coffee in the morning!

November 13: Today I am thankful for my dad! He is the most kind & giving person I know.. . that person you could call at any time of the day or night and he would be there in a second. He may not have gotten the son that he dreamed of, but has gone above and beyond to spoil the four daughter that he was blessed with. I watched the most hardworking man I have ever known work his heart out while still taking time to bring his children on unforgettable adventures. As I watch him spoil his grand kids I can only feel a sense of thankfulness that my children have such an amazing grandpa.

November 14: Today I am thankful for my blog! I have worked so incredibly hard to build my blog up and it’s finally starting to pay off! It’s very rare to find a job that allows you to stay home and get payed and I am overwhelmingly thankful that I have found something that I am passionate about and helps pay the bills. Being home for my children is another blessing in its own and I have my blog to thank for that!

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