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Nicole Lee Ellite Prism Tote Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

 A special thanks to Nicole Lee USA for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

About Nicole Lee USA

Nicole Lee, an LA based handbag company, had its first launch in 2004. Since then, the company has quickly emerged into the mainstream gaining never-ending recognition from magazine editor’s to Handbag 101 Pro’s. With unique designs and funky details, Nicole Lee has created a collection that is continuously pushing the envelope when it comes to hot fashion trends. “We believe fashion should be fun and refreshing.” Nicole Lee defines Fashion as: “An ever changing entity that is consistently incorporating cultural and social traits in its designs.” Created with Top quality fabric and detailed craftsmanship, Nicole Lee handbags are not shy on the shelves. With aggressive and fashion forward designs, Nicole lee aspires to take the world of handbags to a whole new level. This young and hyper-creative design team uses its inspiration of European runways, NY’s intense dynamic lifestyle and of course LA’s casual yet trendy street fashion to develop its unique and ground braking collection. Nicole Lee takes great pride in creating high-end contemporary bags for chic’s that know and appreciate fashion. You can find Nicole lee collection in thousands of fine boutique shops throughout the state and abroad such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Rome, Madrid and many more. With our loyal customers pledging overwhelming support, Nicole Lee is on a venture to take on the new era of handbags.



 Product Reviewed:

Ellite Prism Tote

The Elitte is perfectly detailed to bring that extra bit of “oomph” to your look.

Exterior features:

Top zipper closure, perforated design, gemstones and prism stud detail, faux patent leather trim, back zip pocket, and NL nameplate in front. Top handles with 7 inch drop.

Interior features:

zip wall pocket with Nicole nameplate at interior back, double open wall pockets at interior front, and NL Polka Dot lining.



My Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a gorgeous and very stylish bag from the new Nicole Lee bag collection. I absolutely love bags that stand out and give a statement and the Ellite Prism Tote does exactly that. This bag is perfect for any occasion and provides an ample amount of space for all of the items you must have in your purse. The interior is simply beautiful and I am in love with the elegant polka dots. In addition to its unique design, it also contains a zipper closure so you can be reassured that none of your items will fall out. You can choose to use the top handles for a more professional look, or connect the strap for an over the shoulder casual look. Another feature that makes this a great purse for mom is that the materiel is easy to keep clean and resistant to your children’s little snack covered fingers. The Ellite Prism Tote is also light weight, contains tons of little storage areas, and has designated places for a wallet and cell phone. The gems on the outside are by far my most favorite feature and make this purse absolutely stunning and something I am proud to carry around. Overall I am completely satisfied with everything about this purse and do not have a single negative thing to say about it! Nicole Lee has some fantastic bags and I the perfect place to shop the the fashionista in your family.


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38 thoughts on “Nicole Lee Ellite Prism Tote Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. This is such a cute, stylish bag. I really like it and know someone who would just LOVE it! I also know that Nicole Lee makes great products.

  2. I really like that it has lots of little storage areas and a place for a wallet and cell phone, those are my biggest things when purchasing a new bag! It’s beautiful, I love the color and the bling 🙂 I have never had one of these bags but would love to try one now! Thanks for the great review 🙂

  3. This bag is so nice looking very high end fashion look to it. Love that interior design polka dots! Like that it has two straps. That is zips shut and keeps everything safe. Plus easy to keep clean. Just Love this Nicole Lee handbag 🙂

  4. I never heard of this bag before- but now that Ive read your review and seen your pictures im very interested in seeing it in person!! thank you for being so informative

  5. I LOVE this first the tote is adorable! I am an Orange and Pink girl! What I found the most amazing what the affordability of the selection Nicole Lee offers! Enjoyed the review as much as you enjoyed the purse I am also glad that I stumbled upon this brand. I have you to thank for that! So Thank You!!

  6. Every single handbag I have seen leaves me wanting more of the same! The details are stunning and definitely unexpected in a line at this kind of price point. I would expect quality such as this to come from a high-end couture designer.

  7. Beautiful products! Fine quality and looks both. I love these. Thank you for having this review, and telling us about a site that ZI didnt even know existed! I love these, and will be sharing this with my friends!!

  8. Oh, how pretty. Orange is my favorite color because it brings so much warmth to everything it touches. I love the look of the metallic and crystal floral patterns. And I especially lover that the bag can be carried with your hands instead of only over your shoulder. I have fibromyalgia and that causes a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I was advised to stop carrying the heavy bags that I use on my shoulder and to get bags that can be carried in my hands. It has made a world of difference and I am in much less pain these days thanks to heeding that wonderful advice.

  9. I wasn’t familiar with Nicole Lee before, but after taking a look around the website I am in love with quite a few of the bags. They are so unique and I love them.

  10. I love the color and embellishments. I’ve never seen a handbag with a spot covered liner before, I really like that. Bold designs and good coloring are a must for me in a handbag.

  11. I had never heard of this brand before. Thanks for giving the details of the strap and the pictures of the purse–especially the liner. Without the picture, I didn’t think the liner sounded very pretty, but when I saw it, I really liked it!

  12. thanks for such a great review! i just love the handbag- very fashionable and still comfortably functional.

  13. I love the polka dot lining of the Nicole Lee Ellite Prism Tote. I look for purses that have designated storage for my wallet & cell. I want them to be secure and not interspersed with my miscellaneous items, but I also want to be able to extract them from their “pockets” quickly. Looks like I the Ellite Prism Tote gets an A in my book.

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