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Hosted by Miss Frugal Mommy and Sponsored by Neater Feeder

About The Neater Feeder

 The Neater Feeder is designed with protective walls to contain splashes and spills from an inadvertent kick or an excited pet. This revolutionary system holds spilled food in an upper reservoir while spilled water flows down a gentle slope through a patent-pending filtering system.

The spilled water drains into a lower reservoir that can safely contain more than an entire bowl of spilled water, keeping it off the floor until you are ready to dispose of it. Keeping the spilled food in the upper reservoir, off the floor, not only saves you work, but also keeps it clean for reuse.

The Only Mess Proof Feeder

The Neater Feeder is the only feeding system on the market that manages the mess by containing and separating spilled food from spilled water!

Protects Your Floors

The Neater Feeder protects floors and walls from the stains, mold and damage that can occur from spilled water and food.

Saves Time

No more cleaning up every time your pet’s bowl is bumped, or when your over-eager eater enjoys a meal.

Comfortable for Your Pet

The Neater Feeder provides a healthier eating environment for your pet. First, it keeps their dining area neat, clean, and more sanitary. It also deters pests from getting to your pet’s food or water and reduces the spills and mess that attract them in the first place. Further, the Neater Feeder for dogs is elevated, improving comfort, improving digestion, and reducing neck and joint strain.

Looks Great in Any Home

With its attractive colors and stylish design, the Neater Feeder for dogs and cats will soon become the new piece of furniture you can’t live without.

 You can discover a first hand experience in Miss Frugal Mommy’s review!


Now for the exciting part!

One fan is going to receive a Neater Feeder in the size/color of their choice!

Enter to win in the rafflecopter below, all entries will be verified, one entrant per household or you will immediately be disqualified. Winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen.

Open to Us residents 18+

Good Luck!!!

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27 thoughts on “Neater Feeder Giveaway

  1. I would choose the Large with Leg Extensions. This would be for our Puppy Clyde. He is a 6 1/2 month old Great Pyrenees. He is growing rapidly, he is currently the size of full grown Lab, again he is only 6 1/2 months old, he is far from done with growing. He’ll be St. Bernard big. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a nice set of feeding dish. GL to all.

  2. I would choose the Cat Neater Feeder Deluxe for my new-to-be kitty. I’m trying very hard right now to get the fee needed to adopt from our local Humane Society. My 17-year old calico passed away in April and I’m finally ready to let a new cat into my heart.

  3. I would choose the Cat Neater Feeder Deluxe for cats with up to a 6″ shoulder height in bronze for my 2 felines.

  4. I would choose the small 1.5 cup size. It would be for our dog Linda (leen-da). She is a chiweenie. We love her.

  5. Medium Dog Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions for dogs weighing 15-40 lbs. with a 12-16″ shoulder height in cranberry.

  6. although I could use the cat sized one, I think I’d get the medium one for my mom’s dog – she’s a neat eater but a very sloppy drinker, and now that she’s getting a bit older, I think the higher base height would be good for her.

  7. Luke our awesome Rhodesian Ridgeback we rescued recently has been a really good boy since he’s come home.Santa knows what a great joy he’s brought to us. This happy boy would love a new large Neater feeder under the tree!

  8. The medium size would be wonderful to have. I have 4 cats and they would love this to hold their dried food and water in. I gave one of these as a gift to a friend for his dog and it was amazing so his dog stopped getting water on their wood floors.

  9. I would get the large size one. It would be for our dog Roscoe. He always spills water everywhere when he drinks.

  10. I would get the Order Neater Feeder Express for Cats. We use a pet fountain which keeps the water fresh so this would be only for dry and wet food.

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