Need a Break? Enjoy a 5-minute Deep Tissue Massage with ExoGun Dream Pro

I don’t know about you, but after the past last year, I could use a break. A LONG one. But, as a busy parent, I’m probably not going to get one for, oh, about 18 years!

It’s ok. I know that letting off steam as a busy parent is about making the most of those little moments. That’s one reason I LOVE percussive massage.

If you haven’t heard of it, percussive massage is a deep-tissue massage treatment that relaxes the muscles and relieves stress FAST. Like, in under a minute in some cases. Usually, that’s about all the free time I have!

So, I got an ExoGun Dream Pro massage gun. It’s totally wireless and lightweight, so I can easily massage myself solo or ask my husband (aka BEG my husband) to give me a massage before bed.

ExoGun feels divine. Percussive massage is also a type of sports massage, so it improves flexibility, circulation, and energy levels too.

Now? I can’t imagine living without this thing!

I was really lucky to get my ExoGun Dream Pro for about 70% off, and you can get one for the same price if you order before the spring sale ends. You’ll also get a free carrying case during the current sale (I had to pay for mine! Oof!).

Below, I’ll tell you how ExoGun Dream Pro works and why I used it almost every day.

Percussive Massage with ExoGun Dream Pro

What is percussive massage? This muscle-penetrating massage technique was developed for athletes to help them train harder and longer. To do it, you use a massage gun to strike the muscles rapidly with a soft, blunt end.

This type of massage infuses the muscles with blood quickly, eliminating sore spots and painful knots. It also prevents the formation of scar tissue, so all those achy joints won’t turn into chronic problems later on.

Percussive massage isn’t really new. It just mechanizes a traditional muscle-stroking massage technique so you get an intense and effective massage in minutes.

If you’ve ever had a Thai massage, you might remember the therapist clapping their hands across your back. Percussive massage is the same technique, just a lot faster and with more precision.

While percussive massage was originally popular with athletes, it has grown in popularity due to its wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Improved blood flow
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Better Mood
  • Increased energy levels

And of course, the main benefit is a wonderful massage anytime, anywhere!

Everyone from sedentary office workers to busy moms to older folks looking to get more active are enjoying the benefits of percussive massage.

Need a Break? Enjoy a 5-minute Deep Tissue Massage with ExoGun Dream Pro

ExoGun Dream Pro

ExoGun Dream Pro is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than those vibrating massagers from Wal-Mart. And, it’s more affordable and portable than most other percussive massagers.

For around $150, you get professional massages anytime you want for life. What’s better than that?

I’m no massage expert, so you don’t have to take it from me. I chose ExoGun Dream Pro because so many pro athletes and massage therapists recommend it.

Over 100 Olympians, NFL players, and pros from across the spectrum choose this massager. So, I figured it was good enough for me!

You can see some real testimonials right here.

Why I Love ExoGun

As I said, I’m not a physical therapist or a massage expert. But, this is what I like about my ExoGun Dream Pro percussion massager.

It’s FAST and Easy

The biggest benefit of ExoGun for me is how easy it is to use. I can fit a massage in every day.

I’m serious!

A few months ago, if you’d told me I could have a massage every day with the schedule I have, I would have thought you were crazy.

With ExoGun, I can give myself a massage in 1-5 minutes. I can massage my thighs, neck, calves, arms, and more all by myself. And because ExoGun is light and cordless, I can do it anywhere. I usually whip it out in the car while waiting to pick up the kids!

When you’re able to work the tension from your muscles on a daily basis, the results will astound you. I’m more energetic and flexible, and I can’t believe how far I can turn my head now. I had so much tension in my neck and shoulders, and I never even knew it.

It Feels Great

Need a Break? Enjoy a 5-minute Deep Tissue Massage with ExoGun Dream Pro

With ExoGun, you can choose between relaxing or invigorating speeds, and they all feel wonderful.

The motor is able to pulse your muscles 30 times per second, working knots out in no time. You barely even feel that tight and painful sensation that you feel when a massage therapist is pressing into your tense spots. The knots work out that quickly.

When it’s time to relax, replace the massager head with the deep-tissue attachment for a stress-relieving massage you have to feel to believe. There’s no need to finish this one in 5 minutes. Slow and steady wins the race.

It’s Fully Customizable

With home massage guns like the ExoGun Dream Pro, you can customize your massage for any part of your body.

You can choose from 6 motor speeds and 4 massager heads. Each setting optimizes your massage for a certain muscle group. And of course, there’s the deep-tissues slow setting for relaxation massage.

ExoGun doesn’t have any levers or buttons to confuse you. You operate it from a digital screen on the handle, where you’ll be able to see your settings on a display. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

It’s Relaxing

I know I’ve mentioned how much I love ExoGun’s relaxing massages, but there’s more to it than that. When you use this massager regularly, your entire mood just evens out. I feel more relaxed and balanced all the time.

It might have something to do with the connection between tense muscles and stress. Stress causes tense muscles, and tense muscles cause stress. It’s the mind-body connection.

When you’re able to work the tension out of your muscles, you’re telling your body that there are no threats around. Your entire outlook becomes a bit brighter and more relaxed. This has really changed the way I interact with people, and I think it’s made our home life more positive.

It Gives Me An Energy Boost

Before I used ExoGun, I would be ready to pass out at about 3 pm every day. And that’s just when the kids were getting home from school or daycare.

That made my afternoons a nightmare. I admit I was cranky and tired.

Now, I have more energy throughout the day.

ExoGun improves your blood flow, so your body gets more oxygen and nutrients all around. This can help prevent those afternoon crashes.

When your muscles are limber and properly oxygenated, you also feel more spry and energetic. I feel like I can move better, carry more weight, and get more done throughout the day.

It Makes Me Feel Healthier

When I use ExoGun Dream Pro regularly, I just feel healthier. I never really understood how much my total body health was connected to my muscles and circulation. Now, I just feel like my body is working at its best.

I’m not saying that ExoGun made all my problems go away. But I feel more energized and positive about facing them now that I’m more comfortable in my body.

I think that’s one of the things that so many of us lose as we age—that physical confidence. I never thought much about it, but after feeling the effects of ExoGun over a few months, I know that I had lost mine.

Now, I’m using ExoGun on my husband too, and he’s starting to get the same results.

I’m so glad I found this massage gun!

Try ExoGun Dream Pro for 70% Off

If you’re feeling a little achy, tired, or stressed these days, you’re not alone. But getting back to feeling great might be a lot easier than you think. For me, ExoGun Dream Pro did the trick.

You have no idea how much your life can improve when you take care of your muscles and manage your stress levels!

Need a Break? Enjoy a 5-minute Deep Tissue Massage with ExoGun Dream Pro

Now, you can get your own ExoGun Dream Pro for a great price. During the ExoGun spring sale, you can take 70% off a Dream Pro massager. AND you’ll get a free carrying case (which you will use all the time, I promise!).

After this stressful year, now is the best time to start taking care of yourself again. With ExoGun Dream Pro, you can do that no matter how busy you are.

Learn more about percussive massage and get your ExoGun now at

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  1. After an intense workout I always feels so much pain on my mussels and that’s moment I don’t get strength for doing any work. For long time I was searching the internet percussive massage tips for my pain relief after workout. After reading your article, I have started using ExoGun Dream Pro percussive massagers after my workout on my mussels, neck and other’s body part . I am so amazed after using this ExoGun Dream Pro percussive massagers because this is really helpful for me to increase my energy levels after workout. I am really thankful to you for sharing this excellent tips regarding percussive massagers.

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