Moving House with Los Angeles Movers

Los Angeles is a city with much allure and many people move to it for a number of reasons. These reasons include the following:-

The weather in the city is nice and even

It is the entertainment capital of the world

There is great opportunity for work

The lure and glamor of Hollywood

For many people, living in LA would be a dream come true while for others it is just a matter of obligation. No matter the reason for which one has to move from another city to LA, it is best done with Los Angeles movers to reduce the stress of the whole process.

Whether you are under obligation to move to Los Angeles or just thinking of doing so, there are factors you need to consider. In this article, we would help you look at those factors and also give you tips on choosing a moving company.

Factors To Consider Before Moving To Los Angeles

The following are things to think long and hard about before making up your mind to move to the city of angels:-

The Weather

This is already one of the greatest selling points of the city since it is known as a warm and sunny city. It is this great weather that contributes to the beauty of the place. So if you crave sun and warmth, then moving to LA is a good idea.

The Culture

Note that this city is known as a melting pot of cultures because of the diversity of people that live in it. Additionally, it is known for its arts and boasts of many renowned museums. Note that the city has no majority as per population; people from different walks of life folk into the city on a daily basis.

To this end, it is city for the broad minded; you should be prepared to interact with people from different cultures. Furthermore, you have to be able to tolerate people with their different mind sets and worldview. So if you are a highly conservative person, this city might not be a good fit for you.

On the other hand, if you are adventurous and always willing to try out new things, then this is just the place for you!

The Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Los Angeles is a mixture of casual and high glamour. It is common sight to see people going to work dressed in jeans and flip flops. This is mainly because of the type of jobs that are prevalent in the city.

Similarly, you can often find people ‘loitering’ around as it were during the day and wonder why they are not in offices. Let it not surprise you that some of those folks you see in cafes and some other public spots are actually working.

If you are used to suit and tie, 9-5 and cooped up in an office work style, living in Los Angeles would be a rude shock for you. This is because everyone runs on a schedule that’s convenient for them.

One other thing that you should bear in mind is that you never know who you may run into in the city. Unlike other cosmopolitan cities where you identify a hot shot by their power dressing, the head of a big production company or studio might be the guy in scruffy jeans sitting next to you in the café. This means that you should never judge anyone based on dressing in this city; interact with good manners and get to know people well first before putting them in a box.

All this explanation about the lifestyle is to let you know that city caters a lot to free spirits and people who do not like to be bound by conventions.


This is one of the most important things to consider because despite the numerous public transport options, a lot of people in the city prefer driving. Traffic in the city is always hectic and you have to really study the routes and peak periods to know how to commute in the city.

So if you are one who doesn’t like hustle and bustle, we do not think it is a good idea for you to consider living in the city. Same applies to folks who do not like to spend too much time in traffic. But if you can’t avoid moving to the city, this site gives you some tips on how to cope:

Value of Real Estate

Even though this point is being discussed last, we actually consider it in the list of the most important things to consider. It goes without saying that with the number of people in the city, the ratio of demand and supply is skewed. Similarly, the cost of real estate is understandably higher than in some other cities.

So you need to consider whether you are willing to pay the exorbitant cost that goes into owning a home in LA. If you can’t afford to buy, are you prepared to pay the high rent?

We recommend that you work with a reputable real estate firm to ascertain how your budget would work for you. They would also help you to get the right type of house, funding and everything that goes into getting a befitting place of abode.

What To Look Out For In A Moving Company

After you have considered the above points and many other factors, the next thing to consider is the moving company to work with. That is if you have finally decided to move and want to do so without unnecessary stress.

The following are factors to look out for before hiring a moving company. Although we have been discussing about moving to LA, some of the points that would be made here are generic. This means that they can be useful to you even if you are moving to another location/region.

Get Recommendations From Trusted Friends and Family Members

While searching on the internet might be quite convenient, it is a bit risky. This is because it is not very easy to ascertain the quality of work that the company does. One of the safest ways of getting authentic referrals is from friends and family members that you trust their opinions.

If any of your acquaintances have used the services of a moving company, they are in the best position to give you accurate review. Don’t forget to get more than one option.

Get Additional Reviews

Now that you have a list of companies to work with, the next thing to do is go online and search for reviews about the companies. Two reasons why people leave reviews on a company site are very bad service experience or very good experiences. Reading reviews not only lets you know the quality of service that the company offers, it also gives you insight into more variables to look out for.

Check Their Track Record

In the process of reading reviews, you would see a trend. This lets you know the kind of track record that the company has over the years. Do they have a reputation of damaging people’s property? What is their reaction when people’s stuff gets damaged in transit? How is their customer care culture?

All these and many more are easier to track with a company that has been inexistence for a while than with a new company.

Ensure That They Are Licensed and Insured

Choose a company that is licensed to be in the moving business. This license is what makes them legal because there are criteria to meet before a license can be issued. Additionally, this makes the company liable for anything that happens to your property.

So never under any condition work with a company that doesn’t have a license. If you are moving from one state to another, the company must be registered with the Department of Transport. Check for their DOT number and ensure that it is still valid.

Furthermore, find out whether they are insured. It is the insurance that gives you the assurance that your stuff is safe with the company. You can find the above information on this site.

Ensure That They Fit Your Need

The following are factors that indicate that the company is a good fit for you:-

1. The right size and type of truck for your stuff

2. Can they provide extra supplies that may be needed in the course of the move?

3. Availability when they are needed, timeliness and efficiency. Would they keep to the schedule for pickup and drop off?

No Hidden Charges

Ensure that the company gives you a flat rate and then explains what constitutes extra charges. They should be able to give you a definite budget so that you have an idea of what you would spend. Avoid companies that are vague about their charges because you might run into money problems with them.


There are myriads of things to consider before moving to LA and in fact any other new location. We believe that the information shared here would go a long way to help you as you move.

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