Different Hobbies You Can Start In Lockdown

While we are all still in lockdown and things are not fully open, yet it can be a great time to start a new hobby and spend some time learning a new skill. There are many things you can start doing during lockdown without having to leave your house or interact with others if you are not able to. It can be hard to know what sort of hobby you coils start and where to start; most people have something they may have started learning when they were younger but never finished and take that up to try and finish learning it, or you could start something you always wanted to start but never had a reason to or the time to do so.

However, you may not know what you want to do; you may need some ideas to trigger a motivation to learn something, such as learning more about the different models of airplanes. Hopefully, this guide will help to do that so you can start learning something new now you have the time and motivation during the lockdown.

Take up painting or drawing

If you are a creative type, then taking up painting and drawing could be a great hobby for you. Most people would have had a passion for painting or drawing when they were younger and doing it in spare time or at school, but as you get older, unless you have a career in art, then you are unlikely to keep it up; therefore, it is a great thing to get back into and either learn again or pick up from where you left off. It doesn’t have to anything extravagant you can just do a bit here and there, or you can get really into it and go to classes or paint more often.

Start collecting

There are many people that are collectors, and it doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it makes you happy. People collect all sorts, and like old maps, stamps, collectors cards and so on, there are loads of things to collect. One of the more popular things is coin collecting; you can collect any coins you want, old ones, newer ones, foreign ones and specific ones. One of the main coins collected in the UK is the 50p that is widely collected, but there is also a lot of foreign coins collected like silver panda coins from china. You can also collect stamps which is also popular as there are many stamps from all around the world and of different time periods. If you are looking to make money from collecting, then collecting antiques is the best way to do this and is mainly done by going to car boot sales or junk sales and picking up antique things that are cheap or people do not realize the value, then you are able to sell them on for profit to other collectors.

If you are someone looking to pass your time while in lockdown and learning something new or pick up a new hobby, then hopefully, these couple of ideas will help you get started or give you an idea of what is out there for you to do.

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