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Most Durable Wood Flooring

Most Durable Wood Flooring

Wood flooring not only looks fantastic, it provides a durable, low-maintenance, hypoallergenic option for your home or business. Wood durability varies by species among other factors, such as treatment with acrylic material. Flooring is given a rating via the Janka Hardness scale, which ranks wood for density as well as durability. Higher ratings equal higher durability and density.

Let’s look at some of the most durable wood flooring options available:

Most Durable Wood Flooring

Brazilian Walnut

Rated 3680 on the Janka Hardness scale, Brazilian walnut is among the most durable hardwood flooring types. So hardy it may be used even on exterior decks, it is also considered one of the best flooring possibilities for dogs. Dog claws can easily scratch softer hardwood floors, meaning owners must either choose an incredibly durable option or keep Fido and Rover out of rooms featuring wood flooring.

Hard Maple

Hard maple isn’t the same as “regular” maple, as it’s much more durable. Also referred to as rock or sugar maple, hard maple features a 1450 Janka rating and is the go-to for basketball court flooring. It therefore serves as an incredibly durable option for your home or business, and holds up well against foot traffic and even the sharpest dog claws.

White Oak

Another super-hardy flooring possibility, white oak has a 1360 Janka rating and is among the most durable oak species. Featuring a lighter hue, white oak is also less pricey than other types of oak, while its grain is smooth and uniform.

Santos Mahogany

Hailed as a rich, exotic hardwood flooring option, Santos mahogany features a 2200 Janka rating and is harvested in Central American countries. It frequently comes with a 25-year warranty and is also utilized in furniture, moldings, cabinets, and entry doors.

Most Durable Wood Flooring

Other highly-durable wood flooring options include Brazilian cherry, Brazilian teak, and white ash.

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