More Quality Time with Your Friends?

Having some free time from work is a precious thing that you should enjoy. Most people spend long hours working in the office or having multiple jobs to make ends meet and make sure that their family lives a comfortable life. Aside from work, there are other things to worry about. You have to accomplish household chores like cleaning, laundry, and cooking. With your busy schedule, it can be quite challenging to find time for yourself and also your dearest friends. 

However, you have to understand that it is also essential to find time to spend with the people closest to you. Keeping lifelong friends can contribute to a happy and contented life. You might not be able to see them every day, but you can at least spend a few hours with them each week doing something fun and memorable. Aside from dining out and eating at some of the best kosher restaurants NYC has, there are other ways that you can spend quality time with your best buddies. 

Go to the gym as a group

You and your friends can avail of membership at your local gym. Set a particular time each week to work out as a group. It would be more fun to take Zumba and Hip-hop classes together. You can also try doing Yoga or take spinning classes if you prefer to take your workout to the next level. You can meet up late in the morning, so you and your friends can enjoy a light lunch of salads and sandwiches after bonding at the gym. 

Host a dinner at home

If you want to spend more time with each other, invite your friends over for dinner at your house. They can also bring their spouse and kids along. It is crucial to make these kinds of events festive and memorable by cooking great dishes and sharing a few bottles of wine. You can also organize a potluck so you will not end up feeling too overwhelmed with the preparations. 

Declutter your stuff

If you have a lot of unused items that you want to get rid of, it would be best to call your close friends to come over to help you sort your stuff. Instead of spending additional cash on shopping sprees, try swapping some of your things with your closest friends. The majority of girls love to give away items that they no longer need. If you need to raise more funds, you and your friends can organize a garage sale together. 

Host a spa party

Are you struggling to find time to have your nails done at the salon? Do your tired feet need pampering? Why not invite your friends on a Saturday night for an unforgettable spa party? You can book an appointment one week in advance with some local nail and body spas that offer home service. 

Lastly, serve refreshments and have some takeout food delivered to make sure that everyone gets to have a great time at the party. 

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