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Money Saving Hacks for Parents of Teens

You think babies are expensive, but then your child becomes a teenager. The can’t believe it growth you witnessed when they were infants happens all over again after your child enters high school. They may grow several inches in a few months, have a seemingly bottomless appetite and always want money for something or other. There are plenty of practical concerns you have as a parent, too. Saving up for their future is one of the biggest concerns.

In the 1990s and early-2000s, degrees were far more affordable than they are today. For our parents and grandparents, the cost of an entire college degree was what the average student likely spends on one or two semesters in this day and age. To help you save and plan for your teen’s future, here are some budgeting tips to consider.

Suggest They Work a Part-time Job

Getting your first job in high school is a rite of passage for many teens, as helping your teen find a job promotes responsibility, teaches them discipline, and introduces them to money management basics. You can help them open their first bank account, learn how to budget and gradually start introducing small financial obligations they need to account for. Some of their earnings can go toward college, but they can also contribute toward groceries or their car insurance. Small steps toward adulthood make bigger financial responsibilities easier for them to manage.

Look Into Loans

If you want to help your child avoid large debt after graduation, then you may consider borrowing a Private Parent Loan with low interest rates. These loans are built around your needs and budget, and they offer flexible repayment options. Many parents take out loans for their children who agree to repay them personally after graduation. This arrangement is a great way to save your own money and help them be more financially independent as adults.

Use Money Saving Browser Extensions

Honey and InvisibleHand are two examples of discount browsers that make online shopping even sweeter. You can even bookmark products and sites to receive alerts when prices drop. Timing your purchases like this can result in savings that range between 5 to 50% off the original price. Make sure your teens are in on these extensions, too. Most teenagers like to check out the latest clothes, games and tech. Even if they have the money saved, they should still use any discounts they can to score bigger savings.

Buy Holiday Gifts Early

Prices tend to get higher around the holidays, make a proper holiday budget early so you can make small purchases throughout the year. You’ll not only get to beat the typical holiday hassle, but you can enjoy more savings because you timed your buys. This doesn’t just apply for your teenager, either. Keep an eye out on appeal, cookware, linens and other household items that you may want to gift a friend or relative for a special occasion. Summer sales are a prime time to cross some items off holiday wish lists.

Don’t Rule Out Secondhand

The Facebook Marketplace and eBay are still great platforms for finding new or gently used items. Everything from furniture to electronics can be bought from their original owners for a fraction of what they cost at the store. While you do have to be careful about scams, there are plenty of great deals worth taking advantage of on both sites.

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