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Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters

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Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters #GoodbyeWorry #CollectiveBias #shop

When we first moved into our new home, I could not wait to start adding carpeting to all of the rooms. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to place a beige carpet in the living room, as a mother of three I must have been too sleep deprived to realize that was probably not the wisest option. Even though the rules in the home are no shoes in the main living area, no eating anywhere but the dining room and arts & crafts are to be done in the craft area… children are bound to slip up several times a day and break the rules. My four year old likes to turn his juice boxes in rocket ships without first emptying out all of the juice. My eight year old could do crafts all day long and she has been known to accidentally get a few scribbles and glue on the carpet. My newborn baby girl had an entire week of explosive diapers last month, all of which happened to occur in the living room! A few weekends ago my husband lit up some wood in the fire pit and we enjoyed a beautiful evening by the fire. We retreated to the living room for movies and popcorn to finish the night… he, of course, broke my biggest rule of not wearing shoes in the house. I woke up the next morning to black soot in perfectly shaped foot prints… all… over… my beige carpet… It is safe to say that this mama was not happy. Getting all of these stains out requires a good amount of effort and far more time than I would have liked it to have taken. I really wish I had known about Mohawk’s stain-free carpeting, as it would have saved our home from carpet disaster.

Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters #GoodbyeWorry #CollectiveBias #shop

 About Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

SmartStrand is made from triexta, a permanently stain- and soil-resistant fiber manufactured exclusively by Mohawk. Some SmartStrand is made in part with annually renewable plant-based ingredients, including corn. SmartStrand works well in homes with pets because of three basic differences from other carpets; stain and soil resistance is permanently built in so it will never wear or wash off. In other carpets, chemical stain and soil protection treatment is applied onto the finished carpet surface—and it wears off with foot traffic or comes off when the carpet is cleaned. SmartStrand’s protection is part of the fiber. It can’t come off, ever. SmartStrand carpet fibers aren’t straight up-and-down, flagpole-shaped like other fibers. Instead, they are kinked, like a spring. So they bounce back more easily when they’re walked on or crushed. They resist matting down like the fibers in other carpets, meaning SmartStrand is better able to handle high levels of moving traffic.SnartStrand carpets are also very easy to clean because of the built-in stain resistance. However, this does not compromise the softness of the rug, the fibers are naturally very soft and do not need any additional stain protection, so you won’t have to worry about exposing your family to harsh chemicals.

Putting Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet To The Test

So the real questions is whether or not Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpets really do what they say… and can they truly help to protect my home from carpet disasters. We created a typical mess often found when children decide to eat snacks in the living room instead of the table. I’ve spent a substantial amount of time attempting to remove sticky messes from my rugs, so it only made sense to recreate the same scenario. NutriGrain bars are a household favorite and boy can the kids make a mess with them. After crumpling a piece of one up and spreading it on the carpet with my son’s shoe, I was ready to see just how stain resistant this rug actually was.


Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters #GoodbyeWorry #CollectiveBias #shop

Taking a damp wash cloth, I was able to remove the strawberry stain with little effort at all. I would quite surprised to see how easy and quickly the stain came out!

Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters #GoodbyeWorry #CollectiveBias #shop

The ultimate stain test consisted of taking some of the pestiest stains and seeing if they in fact could be removed from the Mohawks SmartStrand carpet. I added a smudge of maker, paint, mustard, ketchup and strawberry jelly to the rug and let sit for about ten minutes.

Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters #GoodbyeWorry #CollectiveBias #shop

After ten minutes I took a paper towel just to wipe off the excess product from the stains. I then proceeded to use a wash cloth, this time with a dab of dish soap since we were dealing with harsher stains. I was expecting the stains to spread out, as I have experienced many times in the past when cleaning rugs, however they did not. The only stain that required a little extra work was the non-washable marker, everything else came out of the rug quite easily. I was sold! Once again I am really wishing I had known about these Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpets sooner, it would have certainly saved me from so much time and hassle of keeping stains out of rugs! Among interior equipment, rug is prime stuff. And, you should know the actual rug sizes before wrapping up the floor or anything else.

Mohawk: Protecting Our home From Carpet Disasters #GoodbyeWorry #CollectiveBias #shop


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