Mobi Earbuds: Headphones You Can Wear with Your Kids

Do you remember what it was like to sit back with your headphones on and enjoy some downtime with your favorite tunes?

I barely remember. But I know I loved it!

Unfortunately, moms just don’t have the luxury of wearing headphones (or listening to anything besides Baby Shark…). We need to stay fully aware of what our rugrats are getting into.

Well, that might be changing thanks to a new type of headphones. Mobi Earbuds have a special mom-friendly feature that allows you to listen to your music while staying aware of your environment at the same time.

If an alarm goes off, a siren sounds, or a child calls out to you, the volume of the headphones will lower automatically and amplify the sound so you can stay aware.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should wear headphones all the time. But with Mobi, you can now enjoy your music, make hands-free calls, and more without wondering what your ears are missing.

Oh, and Mobi also sound awesome! I’ll get into the details below. If you want to see them in action now, you can head to Mobi’s page here. If you order soon, you can take 60% off your pair!Mobi Earbuds: Headphones You Can Wear with Your Kids

Mobi the Mom-Friendly Earbuds: What You Need to Know

I know you don’t have tons of time, so here are the facts on Mobi Earbuds.

Remain Aware and Enjoy Your Music: Mobi are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that recognizes 6000+ sounds. It knows the sounds you need to hear and passes them through to your ears. It can recognize sirens, alarms, Alexa, voices speaking to you, and more. You’ll stay aware of everything around you while enjoying your music.

Tune Out the World (When You Want To): Mobi’s hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) is the most advanced ANC of any pair of earbuds. When you’re ready for a true escape, tap an earbud and Mobi will neutralize all of the sounds around you. It’s like stepping into a soundproofed room no matter where you are!

Mobi Earbuds: Headphones You Can Wear with Your Kids

Wear Mobi in the Shower: Mobi have an IPX6 waterproof rating, so they can handle any weather. You can even wear them in the shower. My time in the shower is the only alone time I usually get, so I love that I can use it to get back into music.

Surround-Sound Audio: Mobi’s oversized speakers are 2x larger than the speakers in other earbuds, so they sound much better. When the ANC is active, it seems like your music is playing all around you surround-sound style!

Go 100 Hours without a Charge: Mobi’s battery lasts so long that you’ll only have to charge them every few months. You’ll get 10 hours per charge from the earbuds and another 90 hours in the carrying case. Other earbuds can’t do that!

Comfy and Stylish: Mobi are stylish black earbuds that look great no matter what you’re wearing. They come with multiple pairs of silicone ear tips that form-fit to your ear canal like memory foam. They’re comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time.

Hands-Free Features: Want to get more done with fewer hands? You can summon Siri or Google on Mobi and control all of your phone’s features with your voice. Call, text, access your apps, make reservations—whatever! 

Mobi Bring Music-Loving Moms Peace of Mind  Mobi Earbuds: Headphones You Can Wear with Your Kids

You’re probably skeptical about how Mobi understand which sounds you need to hear and which ones you don’t. How do they work anyway?

Mobi use AI-powered technology to categorize sounds in your environment. There are actually 6 microphones on Mobi’s exterior and interior to detect 6000+ unique sounds. Mobi can tell the difference between a car horn, a baby’s cry, and a dog’s bark. 

As it listens, it puts sounds into two categories: sounds you need to hear and sounds you don’t. The earbuds send out a neutralizing signal to cancel the sounds you DON’T need to hear so you can listen to your music without distractions.

When it detects a sound you need to hear, it lowers the volume of your music and amplifies the sound with your speakers, so you’re guaranteed to hear it. It might make you more aware of your surroundings than if you weren’t wearing headphones at all!Mobi Earbuds: Headphones You Can Wear with Your Kids

The amazing thing is that Mobi does all of this before the sound waves reach your ears. So, you’ll hear any critical sounds in real-time with zero delay.

I’ll make this clear again: I’m not saying that moms should wear their headphones while taking care of their kids. If you are with your children, you should give them your undivided attention.

However, if you have some time to relax while the kids are in bed, or if you’re taking some time to yourself and someone else is watching them, Mobi are the perfect headphones to help you relax. You can zone out with total peace of mind knowing that you’ll hear any important sounds IF they occur.

A Mom-Friendly PriceMobi Earbuds: Headphones You Can Wear with Your Kids

One of the big reasons that I chose Mobi was because they delivered on all the features without a ballooned price tag. You can grab a pair of these headphones for just $75!

That’s way cheaper than buying a pair of Sony or Bose earbuds for $300. And Mobi do everything those other headphones can do PLUS they have a longer-lasting battery and better noise-canceling features.

I don’t need to pay extra for brands like Apple to spend millions on marketing globally. Mobi has a dedicated base of fans online, so they can charge a lot less for their earbuds.

However, the $75 price tag is a current sale price, so you may want to pick up a pair soon to avoid paying more.

I’m excited about getting back into music again with Mobi, and I highly recommend trying a pair if you miss your tunes! 

Learn more and order your Mobi Earbuds at mobiearbuds.com.

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