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Manhattan Toy: Imagine I Can Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Manhattan Toys for providing us with free products for reviewing purposes!

 About Manhattan Toy — Imaginations at Play!

“Play is discovery and exploration, and joy, and growth, and learning, and so much more. And for us play is serious work. So when we bring play to life, we do it with a commitment to the finest in craftsmanship and creativity. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our consumers large and small.”

About the Imagine I Can Collection

” Looking for a novel gift or stocking stuffer this holiday season that’s sure to please without taking a bite out of the budget? Imagine i CAN®, the back-to-basics brand from Manhattan Toy has just what you’re looking for! Starting at just $6, imagine i CAN® features over a dozen affordably priced activities for youngsters as young as 3. Many of the kits come packaged in colorfully designed tins that are portable and reusable, perfect for holiday travel, whether by car or by plane, Manhattan Toy has it covered. After all, what boy or girl doesn’t like to role play, get fingers messy with arts and crafts or challenge Dad to a contest of stacking, chasing or finding simple game pieces?”

My Review

With iPads, kindles, iPods and smartphones becoming familiar objects to see young kids playing with these days (my children in particular) it was such a great relief to watch my son engage in an item that forced him to use his imagination. My thoughts have always been that the less a toy does for your child, the more your child must do, therefore teaching them creativity and imagination. We recently had the pleasure of reviewing a few items from The Imagine I Can collection, from Manhattan Toys. The Roll & Bowl Anywhere set was an instant hit with my three year old son and something he enjoyed playing with well throughout the afternoon. The set includes wooden pins and bowling ball, perfect for his little hands and easy to balance the pins. He had a blast trying to knock the pins down and this resulted in some great laughter and enjoyment! In addition to the adorable mini bowling set, the kit also included marbles and wooden obstacle pieces. My son, once again, found great enjoyment in this as he came up with new ways to make a maze for the marbles. My personal favorite would most defiantly have to be the Shape Stack set. This miniature tin includes an assortment of shapes which is actually a game. Players role a die and take turns balancing objects onto the sphere, this takes much concentration and is an ideal toy to bring with you when you leave the house. I just love how I can throw that little tin in my purse and take it out when my son gets a bit anxious when we are out. No longer is waiting at doctors appointments or in lines a problem now that I have this fun little game to entertain my son with! We were so very pleased with the Imagine I Can products and they would make great stocking stuffer gifts for your children this year!

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20 thoughts on “Manhattan Toy: Imagine I Can Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. These toys look so creative .. my son would love this so much. Great under the tree present and perfect for traveling

  2. I love the shape stack. So creative I would love to see what kids do with whether they put the round part on the top or bottom, etc.

  3. I love that Manhattan toys makes toys that allow a child to use their imagination and hands on play and that so many of these toys last for years after buying them, like the cars, they are so neat and I also like that they let a child create what they want to play.

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