Lower Costs and Improved Practices are Making Cosmetic Dentistry More Popular than Ever

The perfect smile is now easier to achieve than ever. No longer reserved for the wealthy or famous celebrities, straight and white teeth are now easily attainable and affordable.

Globally, the cosmetic dentistry industry was estimated to have been worth $15 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to reach over $18 billion USD in 2025.Other statistics state that it may well reach $27.95 billion USD by 2024.

According to the United States Labour Bureau, the need for cosmetic density is expected to increase by 18% by 2024.

Reasons for Cosmetic Dentistry

Individuals choose cosmetic density for a variety of reasons. These include a lack of confidence in their smile, improving ones oral health and hygiene, and strengthening teeth. A more confident smile can also greatly improve one’s quality of life, as chewing will become easier and pain may be reduced. Great smiles also often translate into one’s professional life as well. People are more likely to receive promotions offers.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Teeth Whitening–This is considered one of the most basic, and thus, most common, of all cosmetic dentistry procedures. Even those who regularly brush and floss may eventually experience discolouration from food and caffeine. Treatments are often quick and non-invasive meaning that no downtime is required.

Implants – Implants are the best way to replace teeth after loss, as titanium screws are placed into the jaw to support the crown. Dental implants can be divided into 2 main categories, namely endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal implants are the most commonly used, and are placed directly into the jawbone. Superiosteal implants are placed under the gum and are used for patients who have problems with their jawbones. Additional dental implant techniquesincludeAll-on-4, in which 4 dental implants are placed in the jawbone; Mini Dental Implants (MDIs), which are narrower and less invasive than traditional implants; and Immediate Load Dental Implants, which are known as same day implants.

Veneers – Veneers improve the appearance of teeth as dental adhesive is used to apply the veneer to the tooth. Various different types of veneers exist. Natural-Colour Composite Veneers, also known as Bonded Veneers, are the cheapest option and last about 5-10 years; Porcelain Veneers, which are the most durable and natural looking, hence a bit expensive, but also longest lasting at 10-20 years; Lumineers, which are less invasive, very thin, and pain-free; and Zirconia Veneers, which are strong and durable, making them perfect for very damaged teeth, and can last from 5-20 years. In addition, Palatal Veneers and Non-Permanent Veneers are also options for strengthening teeth or those who are not ready to commit to permanent veneers.

Composite Bonding – Composite bonding is considered one of the least painful, least expensive, and least invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is often used for repairing decayed, discoloured, or damaged teeth. Unlike veneers, composite bonding can be applied in one visit at a dental office. In addition, they require a minimum amount of tooth removal.

Inlays and Onlays – Inlays and onlays are considered a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure. They are often used for restoring decayed and damaged teeth. They are made from composite resin and are attached to teeth with dental cement. For this reason, they are often called indirect fillings.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies, depending on geographical location, type of procedure, and tooth condition.

Approximate costs for tooth whitening are $250-$350 USD. Porcelain veneers are approximately $900-$1,200 USD per tooth, composite bonding is approximately $150-$400 per tooth, implants are approximately $1,800 per tooth, and All-on-4 implants are $13,500-$24,000.

Finding the Perfect Cosmetic Dentist

Finding the perfect cosmetic dentist in your area like this Dentist in Indialantic does is no longer a difficult process

Be sure to check credentials. In the United States, cosmetic dental professionals should be members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). In Canada, all dentists are considered cosmetic dentists and are members of the Canadian Dental Association, as well as provincial organizations, such as the Ontario Dental Association, among others.

Ask to see before and after photos of past clients. The dentist’s portfolio will show you what they are capable of achieving.

Do not hesitate to ask for a second opinion.

Referrals from neighbours, friends, and co-workers are an invaluable source of information. Be sure to ask them for recommendations!

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable with your cosmetic dentist provider. At times, there may be follow up appointments, so it is important to choose someone with whom you would like to continue seeing.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry techniques have made picture-perfect teeth an attainable goal for all people. Do not hesitate to contact your local cosmetic dentist for a quote today!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. I used to ignore my lost molars until my jaws started to hurt whenever I’m chewing hard food. I think it’s time for me to consult a cosmetic dentist and ask for an estimate for this procedure.

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