A Guide to Preventing and Treating Orthodontic Problems

For most of us not familiar with dentistry, it’s important to know that it is a broad field that deals with problems related to the gum, teeth, jaw and nerves. This article will concentrate on one facet of dentistry: orthodontics. This practice focuses on providing solutions for crooked teeth, occlusions and bites.

Some people are born with a perfect set of teeth – but the majority are not so lucky. Most of us experience orthodontic problems in our lives. These might be due to hereditary dental issues, or caused by certain behavior or lifestyle.

Common Orthodontic Problems

There are orthodontic issues that are preventable while others are inevitable. Some of the most common include:

  • Crossbite- This occurs when the lower jaw swings to one side in order to mesh with the upper jaw, which is usually too narrow.
  • Overbite- When the upper teeth overlap with and cover the bottom teeth (most people have an overbite).
  • Underbite- When the lower teeth sit in front of the top teeth.
  • Spaced or missing teeth, which create unattractive spaces in the mouth.
  • Crowded teeth that make speech and chewing difficult.
  • Openbite- A type of malocclusion that occurs when the teeth don’t align properly when closing the jaws.
  • Buck teeth- when the upper jaw sticks out causing the top teeth to protrude.

Is It Possible to Prevent Orthodontic Problems?

Most parents understand the importance of preventing dental issues when the child is still young. However, orthodontic issues can be caused by either behaviors or genetics. In the case where the problem is genetic, it might be difficult to prevent it from happening. However, orthodontists recommend wearing braces early enough to correct the malocclusions.

On the other hand, orthodontic issues resulting from a person’s behavior can be prevented. Some of the most common causes include thumb sucking and using a pacifier for too long. You should try to discourage your child from such behavior from an early age, as it can affect their bite for life.

Caring for Your Braces

Most orthodontic issues are solved using braces. It’s therefore important to know how to maintain oral hygiene while wearing your braces. This will help you avoid problems like bad breath, tooth decay and stained teeth.

Some of the things you must do when wearing braces are:

  • Eat the right foods: There are specific foods that you should avoid while wearing braces. These usually comprise hard foods such as corn, raw vegetables and hard rolls. You should also avoid sticky foods such as chocolate and candy. Instead, go for soft foods like cheese, rice, spaghetti and hull-less popcorn. Make sure the kinds of fruits you eat are also soft like strawberries, bananas and grapes.
  • Use mouth guards: People who take part in contact sports must always use mouth guards to protect their mouths. Sports can pose a special risk to those with braces, as not only could you knock out your teeth, the metal could break in your mouth and cause further injury.

What Are the Possible Remedies?

Most dental problems are treatable or manageable. If you’ve noticed a problem, the best option is to visit a qualified dental professional for further assessment. This will help you understand the severity of the issue and the possible solutions to it. Contact a qualified dentist in Woodbridge or in your area to have your teeth examined.

The Bottom Line

Dental issues are best prevented or controlled from an early age. Remember that sugary foods, thumb-sucking and poor dental hygiene can affect children into adulthood.  If you notice something worrying about your child’s teeth or mouth formation, take them for a checkup with the Dentist In Altamonte Springs as soon as you can.

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  1. Well said, not all are born with the perfect set of teeth. As you mentioned above, I also have such common orthodontic problems like over biting and crossbite. thank you for your all suggestions.

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