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Lemon Raw Beads Amber Teething Necklace Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Amber For Babies for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Amber For Babies: Amber Teething Necklace Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

About The Honey Raw Beads Amber Teething Necklace

“A string of beautiful lemon amber is visually appealing, but it is also a wonderful resource when you have a teething baby. This is because a lemon unpolished beads amber teething necklace can be used to soothe the pain and discomfort of the entire teething experience. True Baltic Amber is the key, and this necklace provides a long string of beads of varied sizes. Their lemon yellow hues will provide a child with visual stimulation and long periods of distraction, but it is when the beads touch the child’s skin that the wonders begin. This is because the Baltic Amber interacts with the heat of the skin and produces an anti-inflammatory response in the child. This reduces the swelling and pain and gives the child complete comfort. The course texture of the beads will also prove an appealing feature of the necklace and the child will enjoy the feel of them against the skin too. Each necklace uses traditional hand beading techniques that strings each bead individually and then secures it into place with strong knots on each side. This prevents the loss of any beads should a thread break, and guarantees you many years of content babies and relaxed parents”

Amber For Babies: Amber Teething Necklace Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 My Review

I have always made sure (during each of my pregnancies) that I am careful of what I consume, so that I may keep my growing baby safe and healthy. Even before our child is born, moms take extra precaution to ensure that their baby doesn’t consume anything unsafe. Fast forward several months and before you know it, your newborn baby is now an adorable drooling and teething little baby. Everything in arms reach is now a teething toy as baby tries to ease those teething discomforts. This is also a time when your baby is still trying to learn how to hold things, which can be quite difficult for them. Moms and dads are forced to find the perfect teething product, one that is both safe and doesn’t fall out of baby’s hand countless times. I was always extremely hesitant to use teething tablets with two older children and always chose natural methods instead. There have been recalls on teething products over the years, which makes me even more hesitant to use them with baby #3. After seeing so many adorable babies wearing amber necklaces, I decided it was time to do a little research and discover what they are all about.

Turns out that amber teething necklaces are more than just a new baby fashion statement, they are actually a natural teething remedy! We recently had the opportunity to review the beautiful and well crafted lemon raw beads amber teething necklace from the website Amber For Babies. They offer four styles of amber necklaces and a variety of natural and stunning colors. Your little one will look cute, adorable and oh so stylish in their new necklace, not a smile or frown as a result of teething. This baltic amber teething necklace will provide visual stimulation in order to distract them from their awful teething pains. This necklace works its “magic” when the heat of baby’s skin touches it, the results are amazing! The necklace will then begin to produce an anti-inflammatory response in your child. How amazing is that? This is one of the safest most natural ways I have ever discovered that will help to reduce the swelling and pain from teething.

Concerned about the risk of  strangulation that could be associated with your child wearing an amber teething necklace? Put your worries aside because every necklace is designed and hand beaded so that each bead is individually strung. The beads are then secured into place with strong, supportive knots on each side. If a thread is to break, this hand beaded method ensures that none of the beads are lost. The necklace also contains a safety clasp so that if your baby ever becomes caught on something, it will easily unclasp, avoiding any possible threat of strangulation. Overall i am very impressed with this product and have only been told wonderful things about them from other moms that use them. I am greatly looking forward to providing this natural teething remedy with my new baby!

Amber For Babies: Amber Teething Necklace Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

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33 thoughts on “Lemon Raw Beads Amber Teething Necklace Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. Interesting, I’ve seen amber touted as a teething remedy, but didn’t understand why. Now I know!

  2. Wearing an amber necklace makes a night and day difference for my teething LO. Love ours ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anything to help with teething is helpful it can be one of the most stressful stages while growing up.

  4. I like that the beads are individually knotted on to prevent choking. I also like that this is an all-natural teething remedy. I, too, am very hesitant to use conventional ointments, tablets, etc. for teething.

  5. I love Amber as a natural resource for pain. I also love the wonderful high quality of these teething necklace s.

  6. I had one of these with my daughter and when she wore it, she was a different baby. My poor son teethes so much worse than her, I have actually been debating on if I should buy him one or not

  7. I have heard nothing but good things about these necklaces, but have never tried one of my littles before! I just had a baby a week ago, and I definitely plan on getting one for her. I love the fact that it has all natural anti-flammatory properties, and that it is completely safe for baby to wear. And so cute!

  8. I love how small the amber pieces are, other amber necklaces I’ve seen are really large and I don’t like that.

  9. We used teething tablets with our son…not Hylands since they have Belladonna in it and Im sorry I’m not giving my child something that has something called “night shade” in it. That ingredient was the reason why they were recalled. We used orajels natural teething tablets which had everything that Hylands did minus the Belladonna. Of course then we had to give something for the pain so then came tylenol. I hated give him tylenol all the time for his teeth but it worked. I had no clue about these other wise I would have tried them out. I really like how they are made with babys safety in mind!! I will def be getting one for #2

  10. This is so pretty. Hoping teething wont be as bad with my second son but if he is anything like my first I will need one of these!

  11. I really want to try one of these! I have 3 children, and never tried anything like this with the first two, (1 & 5 yrs.) but would love to with #3 (she’s only 3 weeks). I have heard a lot of good things about them!

  12. My first thought when I seen these is safety. Now that I see the safety clasp I am more apt to buy one.

  13. I did not use these with my first child but I plan to with my next one. My partner & I are actually waiting for ours to come in to try & alleviate some pain/aches in an all natural way.

  14. I love amber necklaces, I have used them for 2 of my babies and plan to use one for my next baby as well. They are a miracle for teething babies, they even helped when my toddler was getting her molars in and couldn’t sleep well at night. I put her amber back on her and that’s all she needed.

  15. We love Baltic amber teething necklaces to help with teething and love that it’s a natural way to help with teething. Would love to try one of theirs.

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