Legal Matters: How To Choose The Right Lawyer For Your Family

Choosing the right lawyer for your family is a critical decision. Make your choice as a team with your partner and do thorough research to find the ideal match. Consider the reasons you need a lawyer and any potential future reasons for taking one on. 

If you have a range of reasons for finding a lawyer, consider taking on multiple professionals in different areas. Ensure that you talk through the options and be selective to find the right match. 

Find A Personality Match

Choose a lawyer you can trust with private, personal, and sensitive information. Assess their personality when you meet. See if they explain things well and are patient and engaged. 

Learn About Their Team

Learn about the whole law firm’s team and expertise. Find out if the lawyer you choose will handle your entire case or if elements will be given to others in their practice. Check the qualifications and experience of each team member. 

Assess Their Responsiveness

Send an initial request for information and a meeting. See how quickly they respond. Assess all further correspondence to see how responsive they will be to your case. Choose a lawyer with multiple methods for contact and who responds within 24 hours of your communication. 

Read Reviews And Testimonials

Look at testimonials and case studies on a business’s website to determine how happy previous clients have been with your potential lawyer. Look at reviews on independent sites like Google for unbiased insight. 

Look For Specific Specialties

Look for a lawyer that specializes in the area you need help with. Find multiple lawyers if you have various issues. Choose a lawyer with extensive experience working with cases like yours. Look at Farmer Law for an excellent example of what to look for in an immigration or bankruptcy law firm. Search for local representation. Know that there are experts out there that can help.

Verify Their Background And Qualifications

Independently verify a lawyer’s qualifications using State and Federal databases. Check every credential they list and eliminate any lawyer from your shortlist that advertises qualifications and experience that is inaccurate or outdated. 

Ask For Recommendations

Talk to family and friends for recommendations of lawyers they’ve used in the past. Ask questions about their experience, the outcome of their case, and case details. Ask loved ones to advise lawyers to avoid. 

Hold Interviews

Interview the lawyer you choose as you would a potential employee. Arrange an initial meeting and bring all the information on your case. Give the lawyer an overview of your issue and bring a list of questions to ask. Assess how engaged they are, how interested in your specific case, and how you get along during the interview. 

Factor In Cost

Look for an attorney who will work with your budget. Discuss their fees during the interview and ask for details on the prices upfront and ongoing. Avoid making your choice solely based on cost. Choose a lawyer with flexibility and willingness to compromise on fees. Consider an attorney that works on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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