How To Choose The Best Baby Formula For Your Little One?

Young parents always have a lot of questions about their baby’s health and normal development, because they are very worried about their baby. The newborn period is one of the most important periods of human life, during which the child’s body adapts to the conditions of extrauterine life. There is a rapid transformation of the various functional systems of the body, especially during the newborn period.

Natural feeding is the only form of human nutrition that has evolved during its biological evolution. It is a physiologically adequate method of nutrition for newborn children in the first year of life. Natural feeding should be seen as a phenomenon of the greatest wisdom of the evolution of life, influencing the immediate and long-term health of the child and the adult. Breastfeeding is regarded worldwide as the most effective and cheapest method of preserving the health and life of a child. Unfortunately, however, it is not always possible for moms to maintain breastfeeding. There may be many reasons: from the health of the woman to the banal lack of milk. And then the rescue milk formula comes to the rescue.

Choosing a milk formula for your baby

The choice of artificial baby food should be approached with an awareness of the seriousness of the situation. Before buying baby formula for your baby, you should consult your pediatrician. He will examine your baby and help you get acquainted with the range of quality formula products on the market. After the consultation, when choosing a product in the store, you should carefully examine:

  1. Packaging and package integrity;
  2. The date of issue – do not buy a formula that is about to expire;
  3. Age category – selected according to the age of the baby (for each age there are certain proportions of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates). Therefore, a formula for a six-month-old will not be suitable for a child of one and a half years, she will just stay hungry;
  4. The composition of the product; 

Only after these manipulations, the product will not interfere with the child. But, of course, this applies only to fully healthy babies. If the baby has any health problems, then you should choose therapeutic milk formulas. For example, sour milk formulas are prescribed to improve the baby’s microflora, treat constipation and colic, and prevent dysbacteriosis. They are given in the morning and at night. They also increase disease resistance and have an immunomodulatory effect. For babies who have allergic reactions, there is a whole line of antiallergic formulae. There are also anti-inflammatory, anti-colic, and prophylactic mixes.

How to choose the best artificial nutrition for your baby

Newborn babies don’t know how to communicate in the language of adults. They cannot reveal their wisdom, value, and character to us until they grow up. However, based on current knowledge, and evidence of their ability to learn and remember, we can already look at them today as people who think, feel, and react like us and in the same way we do. They need parental attention and love from the moment of conception, from their first moments of birth into this world. And the main concern for a newborn is healthy nutrition and maximum tenderness. And to choose nutrition of the highest quality, it is necessary to study in detail the components of the milk formula. The main ingredient of artificial nutrition is cow’s milk, and depending on its adaptation (an approximation to breast milk) the quality of the product changes. The higher the adaptation, the better. There are also goat’s milk-based formulas, such as Holle. They contain a lot of albumin proteins, which are easier for fussy tummies to digest and do not cause digestive problems. Goat’s milk is also rich in saturated fatty acids, copper, and manganese, which provide many benefits to the body. Goat milk-based blends may cost more, but that’s the logical explanation. A goat produces less milk than a cow and is much more demanding of feed. By the way, Holle products have a European certificate of quality for organic indicators.

The most beneficial formula for children should contain probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins (A, E, D, B, K), iron, copper, zinc, selenium, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. You should not blindly follow advertisements; always study the composition of the formula yourself and compare it with other formula options. If possible, choose a formula that does not contain palm or rapeseed oil.

Signs of the right choice

If your baby is happy to eat it, and he/she has no digestive problems, such as constipation, watery stools, colic, gas, burping, and no allergic reactions, then you have made the right choice. With balanced artificial nutrition, the baby is gaining weight well, sleeps peacefully, and is not naughty.

Remember, the main thing is that every child is unique and individual in its development. And so that she can develop well, she needs healthy and confident parents, a balanced diet, and maximum love and tenderness.

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