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Kickboard USA Maxi Micro Scooter Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Kickboard USA for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!


About Kickboard USA

“As the official distributor for Micro in the US, KickboardUSA sells through specialty stores and online. Owners Geoff and Julie Hawksworth discovered the Micro brand while living in London in 2003. Walking their daughter the kilometre to school, Julie spotted a commuter on a scooter and was so impressed with its design and quality that she went home and ordered one that day. From that day onward their daughter rode her Micro scooter to school and Julie rode it home.  ‘That was the first of many Micro scooters for our family – we’ve been a scooter family ever since.  Not only did we love the way the scooters turned a 20-minute walk into a fun 10-minute scoot, we saw that the quality of Micro scooters made them a game-changer for children and adults, taking scooting to a new level for fun and transport.’  In 2007 Julie and Geoff made the jump from the UK to the US and started KickboardUSA. With their daughter from China, their son from Russia, her husband Geoff, an Englishman, likes to say that Julie, an American, was a like a pirate bringing home her ‘treasures’ from foreign lands!”


About The Maxi Micro Kickboard

“The Maxi Micro® kickboard is designed for elementary school-age kids. The steering features a curving and carving action that is a little like being on a skateboard but with greater control and maneuverability. Kids love the Maxi’s exceptionally smooth glide and strong 3-wheel construction. Choose between two steering options – the Pilot stick for better curving and carving, or a traditional TBar for easier balancing. The handlebar styles are interchangeable, and available as an Accessory – choose one to start and switch to the other at a later time. The Maxi’s steering stick extends from 24in to 36in. The quality choice in kickboard scooters for school-age kids.”





My Review

 We live in a very kid friendly neighborhood where children traveling about on bikes and scooters is a familiar sighting. My son has always been fascinated with the kids zooming around on their scooters and I decided it was time to look for one that would be best for him. At just three years old, the options were very limited for him and they just didn’t seem mobile enough for his liking. That is when we discovered the Kickboard USA scooters! This great quality scooter came easy to assemble and ready to use within minutes of receiving it. The age recommendation for this scooter is 5-11 years old, but my 3 year old mastered it in seconds! The steering feature on this scooter allows for easy control, in which your child’s movement controls the scooter’s direction. A simple lean to the right will lead your child in that direction, this makes it so easy to maneuver and safe for any child to ride. Durability is also another feature this scooter possesses. My son literally uses this scooter every single day to travel around the neighborhood. He has scooted through puddles, run into trees (purposely) and put a lot of “miles” on his maxi micro scooter, which it has endured gracefully. This scooter is showing no signs of wear and it works just as good as the day we first received it.  All of the parents in the neighborhood are always talking about how great my son is on that scooter for such a young age, it has defiantly peaked some interest with many of the children. This scooter is simply amazing and I don’t have a single ounce of negative feedback to give. Did I mention that the handlebars also extend so that the scooter can grow with my son? This is a must have item that my son will be able to enjoy for many more years and I am so happy to have discovered such a great scooter company!

The Maxi Micro Scooter In Action

Please be advised that we live on a private, secluded road where the only traffic is our fellow neighbors. With that being said, Little Mr. Frugal was perfectly safe scooting in the middle of the road.


Don’t Forget About the Rest of the Family!

Kickboard USA offer scooters for the entire family so no one feels left out!





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  1. Hi, I’m trying to decide between the Maxi Micro and the Y Glider XL. I was wondering what material the orange bracket on the bottom (axle?) is made of? Thanks!

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