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Keeping Your Dog Happy During The Busy Holidays

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A few years ago, when our dog was still crate training, I began to notice a pattern. At the time he was still a young guy and we would put him in the crate before we left the house. This wasn’t a big hassle and he gladly went in there when asked to. As a mother of four you can imagine how hectic and crazy it can get when I have to wrangle all the little humans and get them out the door. One day I was especially frantic and running late, gathering kids and our stuff… trying to get out the door. I was running it circles in seemed and when it came to the final step to get the dog to his crate he was nowhere to be found. Eventually I discovered that he had already put himself in the crate and was just waiting on me to shut the door. I started noticing that any time we were getting ready to leave, our dog would put himself in the crate. We were all amazed that he could pick up on our body language and routine… fully understanding that we would be leaving the house soon and that he goes in the crate during that time. He is a pretty smart guy. 

He is older and wiser now, doesn’t need to be in a crate and is free to roam the house as he pleases. While It is not the house I worry about when we are not home… it is what’s going on outside the house that worries me. There is a lot more going on during the holidays. People coming and going. Neighbors having family and friends over more frequently. Delivery drivers dropping off packages every few hours. Our pup Duke has always been pretty sensitive to the things that go on outside the house and we have recently found a way to make this holiday season a bit less stressful and upsetting for him. 
I know not all dogs are the same and many enjoy the craziness of the holiday season. However, if you have an anxious dog that enjoys a simple routine without tossing anything new into the mix… you know first-hand how the holidays can leave them upset. 
Keeping Your Dog Happy During The Busy Holidays
We have started using the Relax & Roll Soft Chews with our dog because we wanted a safe way to help him when he gets stressed. Each 5 gram chew is packed with 1600mg active ingredients like acetyl-L carnitine, ginger root, chamomile, and melatonin to promote calm, relaxation, and restful sleep without causing your dog to have drowsiness. Antioxidant rich compounds prevent stress and contain powerful pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties. The chews come in a tasty non-allergenic peanut butter flavor and are a delicious treat, making it easy to give your dog the relief they need.
Keeping Your Dog Happy During The Busy Holidays
If your dog isn’t about taking chews the Organic CBD Hemp Oil is a great alternative! The proccess is pretty simple, all you need to do is find the correct dosage, then administer the hemp oil orally. You can apply directly into your dog’s mouth, or put it on their food during meal time. Hemp oils are the safest, most effective delivery system for CBD for your dog and we have had great experiences using it.  A few drops can help pets manage anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness.
Keeping Your Dog Happy During The Busy Holidays
If you are looking for a simple, dafe and effective way to keep your dog happy and calm this holiday season, I highly recommend taking a look at The Anxious Pet website and giving them a try!

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