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Keeping Your Cat Healthy With Flea & Tick Prevention

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Keeping Your Cat Healthy With Flea & Tick Prevention #PetArmorPlus

My beloved cat Tiger is my pride and joy and I do everything I can to ensure she lives a long and healthy life. Ten years ago my husband and I adopted her, she was just a tiny kitten then and small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. We decided almost immediately that she would be an indoor only cat, as she was the runt and far too small to defend herself out there on her own. Fast forward several years, she was still a healthy and vibrant cat, we provided her with all of the proper care she needed as an indoor cat… or so we thought! I ignorantly assumed that because she was an indoor cat that fleas and ticks would never be a concern, but I was very wrong in that matter. One day while patting her neck I felt a few scabs on her. Not being educated on sign of fleas, I thought nothing of it and carried on my way. Then I began noticing other signs, such as her constant scratching and knew something was not right. We soon discovered that our sweet baby Tiger was infested with fleas and after much research I discovered that me, my husband, and even my children could bring fleas home. We could literally be walking through the lawn and if a flea infested cat had been there earlier, those pesky little fleas will hitch a ride on your shoe and make their way into your home. Of course I was completely mortified and so incredibly embarrassed! I went to the pet store that to to discuss with them a safe way to rid our cat and home of fleas.

Keeping Your Cat Healthy With Flea & Tick Prevention #PetArmorPlusFlea and tick prevention is crucial part of keeping your pet happy and healthy. The first step towards getting our cat back to optimum health was finding a flea and tick medication. I was shocked at how expensive it was and overwhelmed by the options. I am huge on researching, reading reviews and seeing what other people’s experiences were with a product, I am not an impulse buyer! I was delighted to see that a reparable brand of flea and tick mediation was available at a such an affordable price. PetArmor Plus has the same active ingredients as FRONTLINE® Plus, but costs up to 40% less than vet prices!

About PetArmor Plus 

  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice.
  • Fast acting and long lasting and waterproof
  • For puppies over 4 lbs. or kittens over 1.5 lbs. and 8 weeks of age or older
  • Don’t split tubes between pets

Keeping Your Cat Healthy With Flea & Tick Prevention #PetArmorPlus

Applying flea and tick medication is super easy, it is not ingested through the mouth so there is no trying to get your pet to consume it. You simply seperate the fur between your pet’s should blades and pour the solution onto them. The solution is then absorbed into your pet’s coat and because it’s on the back, you don’t have to worry about them licking it off. Very easy and simple way to keep your pet healthy and safe from the terrible flea and tick season!

When shopping for your cat and/or dog tick and plea prevention products, keep an eye open for this packaging!

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Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Fleas

My final step was to make sure we cleansed the home of any fleas and their larva. Because we caught this flea ordeal fairly soon, there was not an infestation of any sort. I was very against using any of the products at the store, simply because I have young children and placing pesticides in my home was not an option. I did a ton of research and found some really great safe and and natural ways to get rid of fleas in your home… and they are very inexpensive!

Garlic Salt On Your Rugs: I discovered that fleas greatly dislike the smell of garlic. I also learned that if you our salt on your rugs, when the fleas move through the carpet, the salt will cut them, the fleas won’t be able to stay hydrated and eventually they die. So being the genius I am… I bought a huge bottle of garlic salt! Every night I would pour garlic salt on my rugs and vacuum it up in the morning… which brings us to my next bit of advice!

VACUUM A LOT: Apparently the most important step to getting fleas out of the home is vacuuming all of the time. Making sure to empty your bag is also ideal because they are just going to hop right out your vacuum if you don’t.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Another scent that fleas can not stand is the smell of apple cider vinegar. I took a spray bottle and placed 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water and sprayed things such as curtains. The scent is no overbearing and will not stain or destroy fabric, it will simply make it an unpleasant place for fleas and they won’t want to be there.

Wash All Your Pet’s Bedding: This is fairly obvious, the fleas will be all over your pet’s bedding and that’s going to need to be washed in hot water.

Keep Your Pet Contained To One Room: Keeping your pet contained to one room idea is the best way to keep your pet from spreading the fleas everywhere. Set them up a cozy little temporary home (we chose the bathroom) until you are able to get rid of the fleas.

Dish Of Water: This is a pretty neat trick, if you take a bowl of water, put a little bit of dish soap, place it under a night light… when the lights go out the fleas will hop towards the light, land in the bowl and become stuck in the soap… eventually drowning. Fleas are attracted to light, this is just a simple way to get rid of fleas in rooms that your pet frequents the most.

When a flea hatches their eggs, those eggs will take about two weeks to hatch… meaning don’t be discouraged if you rid your home of fleas and then realize they are back again! Getting those new fleas from that cycle will be the last fight in the battle against fleas. Once you have rid your home of that last round of fleas, you should be in the clear and making sure you give your pet flea and tick medicine every 30 days! Keep the fur baby in your life healthy and happy because they deserve not to be pestered by nasty ticks and fleas!

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10 thoughts on “Keeping Your Cat Healthy With Flea & Tick Prevention

  1. I just learned that fleas and ticks can cause discomfort and transmit dangerous diseases.

    Like you we didn’t think our indoor cat could catch fleas at home until one day she was scratching and then they started biting me, I am allergic to these guys, I itch and the marks last weeks. We have been trying for three months with frontline and still have them. 🙁 I’m miserable and I’m scared my little girl will get bit. 🙁

    1. Oh Diana, I know exactly how you feel, I swear I cried for the first few days when I discovered our cat had fleas because I was so worried about the kids getting bit! Take a look at those tips I provided on ridding your home of fleas, they REALLY do work! They are all safe, harmless and effective methods of getting rid of fleas. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions, I am happy to offer my advice 🙂

  2. Why? This reason: PetArmor protects your pet with the same #1 veterinarian-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, but at significant savings.

  3. I’m excited to learn that it has the same active ingredients as other top leading brands but it costs about half as much!

  4. It’s important because I have two dogs that I love very much and we have a lot of deer that come in our yard daily, they are always carrying ticks. Scary!

    1. We have had raccoons in our neighborhood lately and I don’t know what kind of diseases they could be carrying. I think it is a good reminder to make sure your pets vaccines are up to date. I know I sometimes forget.

  5. Thanks for these details..I think its better pet owners consult conventional veterinarian on what product would be most appropriate for cat’s age and health before using any conventional flea treatment, .

  6. Thanks for these details.. I think its better pet owners consult conventional veterinarian on what product would be most appropriate for cat’s age and health before using any conventional flea treatment.

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