Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho Matey! Cd Listening Party

A special thanks to Disney for providing us with free party supplies and the New Jake and the Never Land Pirates CD for reviewing purposes!

My three year old son is a huge fan of Jake and The Never Land Pirates and it’s on top of the list for his favorite shows! Just this past year he became extremely interested in anything pirates and has since grown quite the collection of Jake memorabilia! So when I informed him that he was going to be able to have his very own Jake party, you can only imagine how excited my little guy was! We were so grateful to have the opportunty to be some of the first listeners of the new Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho Matey! Cd and just couldn’t wait to hear the new tracks! We’ve been having dance parties all week and these songs are so upbeat and fun!

Track Listing

1. Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Main Title)
2. Yo Ho Matey’s Away
3. Never Land Pirate Band
4. Captain Hook (Is a Cranky Crook)
5. Castaway On Pirate Island
6. Hot Lava
7. Pirate Password
8. Bucky’s Shanty
9. Aw Coconuts
10. Roll Up the Map
11. What’s Cookin’ Smee?
12. Never Sky
13. Tick Tock Croc
14. Shipwreck Shuffle
15. Talk Like a Pirate
16. Weigh Hey Well Done Crew
17. Trick Or Treasure
18. Jake and the Never Land Pirates (Singalong)

Ready for a pirate party!

Welcome to our Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho Matey! Cd Listening Party

We received a collection of such great Jake supplies to entertain our guest with! They enjoyed dancing to these great songs while playing with their treasure maps and gold. The kids even insisted that we watch a few episodes of Jake when they started to get tired. Is there any better approval that this is a great CD than the reactions of the kids listening to it? This is a great edition to your Jake fans collection and I know your child will love it just as much as mine did!

Join Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully for fun adventures in Never Land!

The new CD, Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho Matey! is available October 15th on Walt Disney Records



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