Easy & Inexpensive DIY Wall Art

Easy & Inexpensive DIY Wall Art


I recently came across a DIY wall art idea on Pinterest that I was so enthusiastic about doing! It was so simple and all I needed was a wall poster, modge podge, and six blank canvases, easy enough! NOT! I can’t remember the last time I actually purchased a wall poster, but the selections now a days are very slim. I searched several different stores to find a poster with a flower like design, but Hello Kitty and pin ups of the latest actors was all I could find. After dragging my poor two year old son from store to store, I finally gave up and headed home to find a solution. That is when I came across an idea that not only eliminated the need for a wall poster, but increased my design options!

Here is a step by step guide on how I created beautiful, inexpensive wall art for my home!

Step 1: Purchase Blank Canvases

You will need six 8×10 canvases. I found these packs of two at my local Walmart for under $5 each.


Step 2: Purchase Scrapbook Paper

You will need six pieces of scrapbook paper, but I would suggest purchasing a few extra in order to give yourself more options for your final product. I happened to come across this scrapbook kit for only $6.99 at Christmas Tree Shop (what a deal) but you can find individual pieces at arts & crafts stores or even Target and Walmart.


Step 3: Chose Your Scrapbook Paper

Lay your scrapbook paper down (as you see in the picture below) just to make sure the pieces mesh well together.

I must have rearranged and swapped out different paper a hundred times before making my final decision.

I would most definitely consider this the most difficult part of the project.


Step 4: Wrap The Canvas

The next step takes a bit of getting use to, so I would suggest you pick out a piece of scrapbook paper to use for practice.

It’s super easy once you get the hang of it though!

Firstly, lay your scrapbook paper down so that the blank side is facing up. Place one of the canvases in the center (hollow side facing up.) Make sure you have centered the canvas so that you allow enough room for all sides to be properly covered.

Fold the two short ends over the top and tape them into place.

Then chose a side to work with and snip the corners as you see in the picture below:


Now take those two flaps, fold them across and secure with tape. All you have to do now is fold the large flap over and tape down.

Repeat this same step on the other side, your final product should look like this:


Flip it over and you are DONE!


Now you just need to complete your other five canvases and you will have yourself a beautiful piece of wall art!

The best part about this project… if you ever grow tired of your wall art,

it will be very simple to take apart and replace with different scrapbook paper.




6 thoughts on “Easy & Inexpensive DIY Wall Art

  1. You can also fold the corners like youre wrapping a christmas gift and snip out bevels at the corners for a tighter fit. E6000 makes a gret bond that doesnt ripple, modge podge tends to do that cos its so watery.

    1. GREAT suggestions, thank you! I did attempt to use modge podge and you are absolutely right about it making the paper ripple! I will have to look into the E6000! Thank you! 🙂

  2. hello, where did you purchase the scrapbook kit shown here?!?!?! i am looking all over for that particular kit?

  3. Great idea, we are redecorating and this would be a great way to match our soon to be decor. Inexpensive is great since I would like to buy the best paint possible which is most definitely NOT inexpensive.

  4. Thank you for your tutorial. I can’t wait to try this. I have both the canvases and scrapbook paper. All I have to do now is pick which papers I want to use and get started.

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