It Isn’t Snowing Everywhere! Why Not Take the Kids Camping for Winter Break

It Isn’t Snowing Everywhere! Why Not Take the Kids Camping for Winter Break

While many families love the great outdoors in snowy, winter months, others shy away from arctic blasts that chill you to the bones. Even kids have their preferences on how they’d like to spend winter holidays based on the weather, but can you really afford a hunting lodge in the Rockies or a cabana in Hawaii? Perhaps not, but you can always find a place to take the family camping, even in the winter.

The United States is a huge country with different weather. Why not find somewhere relatively close to you for a camping trip in warmer climates? The entire southern portion of the country is generally warm enough in late December and early January, even for the family who lives for hot summer days.

Death Valley, California

Here is someplace where you can go for an eternity, literally, without seeing another human being. There are more than three million acres of wilderness in Death Valley, so mind where you decide to camp. It pays to check ahead to see where camping is allowed.

If you are not into primitive camping, there are also campgrounds in the vicinity with amenities for the faint of heart. Still, the days are warm even if the nights can get a bit on the cool side, so bring clothing for a variety of temperatures.

Red Rock Canyon State Park, California

Located at the southernmost part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Red Rock Canyon State Park is a wonder to behold. Those striped cliffs are so beautifully colored, you’d think they were a work of art. While many people take an assortment of guns along to go hunting in the Sierra National Forest, this park isn’t exactly where you’d like to hunt.

Why not plan an extended camping/hunting trip so that you can get in the best of both worlds? Check out for the type of handguns or firearms best suited to the type of hunting you will be enjoying and while you’re there, get your camping gear as well.

Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

If your kids are looking to spot a wide assortment of animals in their natural habitat, Padre Island National Seashore in Texas is where you should head out for a camping trip this winter. Here you’ll find everything from land mammals to sea turtles and everything in between. Some families say that winter is the best time to camp in southern Texas because it is not hurricane season, so they feel fairly safe from monsoon winds and rain.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

On the east coast, in the far southern portion of the Sunshine State is the Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida. Looking to camp, snorkel, fish or simply soak up the sun? That would be South Florida any time of year, but it’s a good choice especially in the winter when other areas of the country are snowed in at below zero temperatures.

You can camp literally any time of year in a country as large as this, so why not choose a location not so very far from home that has temperatures you can enjoy with the entire family. Camping is always a great idea for a winter holiday when most resorts are packed and seasonal prices sky high. This year, enjoy the best nature has to offer with the entire crew. It’s a family vacation you’ll never forget.

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