Is Your Kid A Bedtime Staller?

Is Your Kid A Bedtime Staller?


Out of all three kids I would have to say that my five year old son is the bedtime staller! This kid can come up with every excuse in the book just to stay up a few more minutes. Don’s get me wrong, he is a great sleeper once the eyelids close, but getting him to bed it defiantly a challenge. Mom I have to pee, mom I forgot my toy downstairs, mom I need one sip of water, mom can we read one more book… and most famously known for mom can I have one more hug… seriously, how can I resist that one!? It’s like a big deja-vu when your own kid starts rattling off the same bedtime excuses you used back when you were a kid. What these little stall-masters don’t understand is that you’re not clueless… you’re just too tired to argue.

Turns out, the bedtime excuses are universal – more than 60% of parents around the globe are dealing with kids’ stall tactics before bed, adding up to nearly 20 minutes every single night. But guess what? It’s time to take back your night with a little help from Netflix. Next time you find yourself in the bedtime battle, just tell your kids they can watch an ENTIRE show before bed. Yep, you heard that right, and no, I haven’t lost my mind. This has actually become a nighttime routine, it truly helps my son to wind down and all those excuses just seem to disappear into thin air!

Is Your Kid A Bedtime Staller?

Dinotrux ‘5 Minute Favorites’

Today, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation launched Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites, new episodes of the latest hit, all in a nice little 5-minute package — letting your little negotiator think they’re getting away with the age-old ‘just five more minutes’ ploy. In a mere 300-seconds, your kids will be speechless as they march themselves up to bed knowing they got exactly what they wanted. You: 1, Kids’ stalls: 0. Tucking them in is magic, it’s just getting there that’s the hard part. So make bedtime a little easier with three new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites from Netflix.

DinoTrux 5MF BB boxshot USA en
DinoTrux 5MF TR boxshot USA en
DinoTrux 5MF TS boxshot USA en

‘I Can’t Sleep, My Socks Hurt!’ and Other Tall Tales

Even the best bedtime excuses have met their match with Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. Spread the word – download the video below and share on Instagram using #5MoreMinutes.


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