Is Side Sleeping on the Mattress Great for You?

The most popular sleeping position across the globe is on the side. I am among the many people who sleep on their side, probably out of habit. It’s okay to sleep on your side, but only when done correctly and with the right mattress. Initially, I was also worried primarily about the health complications that arise, but after some research and extensive consultations, I concluded that it was okay to do so. Most individuals don’t realize the importance of knowing which sleeping positions gives them comfort. This determines the type of mattress that one gets, something I learned a little bit too late.

Side sleeping has its benefits, some of which I have enjoyed but it also has its drawbacks. Interestingly the side to which one faces too has its advantages too. The left side has been known to have more health benefits as compared to the right side.

The Benefits of Side Sleeping

It Gives You a Sense of Comfort and Security

While side sleeping we often end up in the famous fetal position, which has been known to provide comfort and make you feel safe. This is the position that babies assume while in the womb (sleeping on the side with the legs curled up) and is considered to be the most comfortable by some. I’ve found that I can sleep anywhere while in this position!

Health Benefits

The health benefits that come with side sleeping are numerous. I have identified five such benefits that will go a long way in keeping you in good health.

  1. Improves blood circulation – this is especially true when we sleep on the left side. The heart gets stimulated thus improving blood flow and oxygen distribution.
  2. Improves your mental health as it boosts the brain function by removing waste.
  3. People suffering from lower back pain are often advised to sleep in the position because it relieves some of the pain and helps with avoiding any further complications.
  4. I tend to get heartburns frequently and sleeping on my side has always been a relief. Research done showed that this is true, especially when we sleep on the left side.
  5. Toxins in the body get removed faster when we side sleep.

Research done over the years has proven that side sleeping helps our bodies both internally and externally. This is why it’s vital to search for a highest quality mattress that will be suitable for this sleeping position. From the above, it’s evident that our mental, and physical could greatly benefit from side sleeping.

Is Side Sleeping on the Mattress Great for You?

The Best Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

As the tummy grows, pregnant women get advised to sleep on their side while using a pillow to support themselves. The growing pressure around the tummy region could create blockages in the liver and other organs when they don’t side sleep which is dangerous to their well being.

It Reduces Snoring

Snoring negatively affects our sleeping and side sleeping might just be the answer. Well, it will not put an end to your snoring – that requires more than changing your sleeping position. Side sleeping will at least reduce the noise from your snoring.

The Cons of Side Sleeping

Just as there are 2 sides of a coin, there are disadvantages to side sleeping:

  1. For the ladies, this position may just be the reason your breasts start sagging. But, with some pillow support, you’ll be good. Men should be wary too.
  2. You may experience some numbness on your arms
  3. When we don’t create even pressure on the surface that we lie on, we are likely to develop back and other health complications.

Is side sleeping on your mattress great for you? Definitely yes! This is of course only possible once you have identified the most suitable mattress for you, but if you haven’t then consider buying a new mattress online. There may be cons but none that can’t be solved. The benefits, on the other hand, are too good to miss out on.

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