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Investing In Your Dream House? Here’s Why You Should Get a Contractor ’s License First

When you become a parent, your biggest responsibility is putting a roof over your family’s heads. Might as well invest in a dream house that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life, right? 

Great thinking, but a dream home for many parents is out of budget. Investing in a dream house can take a huge toll on savings that might affect you later, especially if you hire a contractor to do all the work. 

However, you might be able to make your dream a reality by becoming your own contractor. With a contractor’s license, you can take the first steps to build your dream house without needing to hire anyone else. 

Each state will have its own requirements for certification. The steps you’ll have to take for how to get a license in Maine will be different from how to get a contractor’s license in Mississippi. But aside from filing paperwork and passing an exam, this process isn’t as arduous as you might think, even for busy parents.

If you decide to get your own contractor’s license before investing in your dream house, here’s why you’ll thank yourself later: 

You’ll Be Able to Build Your House How YOU Want

When working with a contractor, there will be times when you’ll disagree on the setup or the building plans. This issue can arise pretty quickly, and if it is not handled immediately, it can cause delays in the project. Your contractor might just get up and leave the job unfinished. 

You don’t want to compromise your vision because of someone else’s opinion. When you become your own contractor, you can do the work how you see fit without tiptoeing around the contractor. 

It’s Easier Than You Think to Get Licensed 

Getting your license is easier than you might think.

Let’s use Mississippi as an example. The Mississippi is similar to most states:

  • The first step is to submit an application into the Mississippi Board of Contractors. They require this application to be signed and notarized. Along with the application, you’ll need to provide proof of insurance, 3 reference letters, proof of completion of at least 3 jobs, employment history, and around $550 in fees and taxes. 
  • After this has been submitted, you can register to take the exam. 

These are the only steps! Once you pass, you’ll just have to renew your license every year.

You’ll Gain the Ability to Do Any Renovation

Once you settle into a home, you might feel that your house decor is falling out of style with the other homes that surround you. If your house slips behind your neighbors, this will only decrease your property and resale values. 

If you remain an active contractor, however, you can simply do the renovation work on your own time. Instead of needing to look for a contractor and to file for permits on time, you can do the work when it is convenient for you and your family. Having full control over the renovations means you can get it right the first time and not have to come back and update it again in a few years. 

You Can Earn Extra Money

Having extra spending money is always a great asset! On top of the money you save through your own contracting work, you can also pick up contracting gigs on the side. These gigs can pay for that vacation you’ve always wanted.

Contracting work for friends and family will give you a heftier paycheck in less time, while still allowing you to work on your own time and own schedule.

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