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innobaby Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to innobaby for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

innobaby Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 About innobaby

A beautiful quote from the founders of innobaby:

“With our passion to learn, create, and solve problems, we love to challenge ourselves to deliver high quality smart juvenile solutions that can benefit both parents and babies. We love delivering innovative products. We feel good when others understand and appreciate what we do. It motivates us to continue to strive for more. We never compromise quality. We want to make sure that what we deliver is safe, innovative and durable because, as parents, that’s what we all look for. Although perfection may be difficult to achieve, that doesn’t stop us from reaching for that goal. We like to think outside of the box and hope to continue to deliver innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of smart parenting.”

Featured Products:

“Packin’ Smart Stack n’ Seal containers (BPA free) All-in-One Storage Solution for Moms On-the-Go!  A must have diaper bag essential to store, dispense and organize formula, snacks, pacifiers and more in one convenient unit.  Put an end to a diaper bag mess or an endless search for the items you need with our stacking & interlocking Packin’ SMART®. “

There is nothing worse than scrambling through your diaper bag, in attempt to find your toddler’s favorite snack, only to come up empty. So there you are in public, with a screaming child, and over a dozen items to work your way through in order to get to the bottom of the bag. Your hand finally feels what seems to be the correct snack, and you pull your hand out only to discover it’s an old snack wrapper. I have had to flip over and empty out the entire content of my bag on countless occasions because, for the life of me, could not find that one item I needed. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing an amazing product that eliminates this issue all together. A product that takes organization to the next level. I am talking about none other than the Packin’ Smart! This convenient and easy to use product allows you to store five separate items in one convenient location. Whether it be a snack, formula or pacifier, everything you need is in one single location for you. I have owned more baby storage containers than I would like to admit and I have to say that this is by far the best one I have ever owned!

innobaby Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)   

The Glass Baby Food Cubes are the perfect alternative to the traditional plastic containers that we have come to discover are not the safest way to store food. With the reassurance of knowing that these are BPA, PVC and lead free, I have made the decision to throw away all of our plastic baby food containers. This fantastic food cube trio is also leak proof and contains EZ grip press which allows you to seal the lid completely. In addition to being a safe and convenient way to store baby food, they are also great for on the go. You will no longer have to worry about opening up your baby’s bag and realizing that the food managed to find the small leak and get all over everything. This is a flawless product in my opinion and most defiantly a must have item for you and your baby!

innobaby Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

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63 thoughts on “innobaby Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. Hi! I love that these are so safe & convenient. My grandson is at the age that his parents could use these. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love these I didnt have things like this when my kids were little, glad they do now that I have Grandkids

  3. I love the glass Innobaby containers. I would use them to make babyfood and store in the refrigerator. Finally, there is a company getting away from all that plastic-I am very impressed.

  4. I love glass better than plastic…the last longer! I also love the Packin’ Smart Stack n’ Seal containers…they would be nice for our son since he can see what we have without looking through all the bags. Right now we have reusable baggies which are great for a quick out and about but when we are out for awhile, he either A: does want anything that we put in the bag B: doesnt want to dig for whatever he wants in the bag or C: drops the bag and ends up breaking everything in the bag which makes more crumbs.

  5. great baby bowls they can be very handy when you dont have a lot of food you need to store.

  6. When I saw the word glass it caught my attention right away. I hate and refuse to put baby food in plastic containers for storage. Another plus for me is they are leak proof. May I say Yeah! on that. The Glass Baby Food Cubes would be perfect to use in a baby bag.

  7. These will be great to use for my grandson. I really don’t like the plastic kind. The glass is so much nicer

  8. I really like the glass one and that they are are BPA, PVC and lead free. Also love how tight they seal for great protection.

  9. These are so cute and handy! In my house, a reliable seal is super important. I have enough spills to clean up!

  10. I had never heard about these before until stumbling upon your blog from another blog-which for me is so fun, as that is a way to meet new people, find new ideas, opinions, & new products. These are so neat for everyday use, love them!!

  11. I love the review its always nice to get information. I really love this glass is way better then plastic. I would love to get this to my daughter-in-law for my grandson she would really love it.

  12. I love the glass containers! Food (and drinks) taste so much better, and they’re easier to clean. Happy to have found these.

  13. Great containers. Like that they are glass with high quality lids that seal. The stackable ones are very nice!

  14. I love the idea that the containers are made of glass!! I don’t understand why more storage containers aren’t made of glass!! Our Mother’s and Grandmother’s kept food stored in glass for many years and it sure seemed like it kept better, and longer, than food does in plastic. And the Stacking Containers…what a great idea!! Perfect for holding portions of formula without having to tote around the entire can!!

  15. After visiting the Inno Baby website, I am very pleased with their “Drink” section, especially the Sippy Cups. I love the idea that they have Sippy Cups your child can grow into. I also really like the mugs they have for kids.

  16. LOVE innobaby products! I consider myself pretty crunchy and not having my babies food in plastic containers is really important to me. These glass containers are wonderful! They’re small enough and sturdy enough to throw in a diaper bag or lunch box without carrying crazy chemicals around!

  17. When I use glass containers, I know that they are clean when I want to use them because I can clean them in the dishwasher, and unlike plastic that can go on the top rack, they don’t flip over and that’s another plus for me, besides all of the good things expressed in the informative review.

  18. We have a small stack we got from a Citrus Lane box. They are super handy and make snacks easy to find in the bag. I love those glass containers.

  19. I have been looking for glass containers! Thanks for the review and I will be purchasing from innobaby for sure!

  20. These are so great! I love that you can get glass as well. We can’t have enough containers 🙂

  21. I love the glass containers. I think they are much better than plastic ones and those are a perfect size!

  22. Those innobaby glass containers look great. We could put food in those store it and microwave it

  23. These would be perfect for my nephew and his wife, they make their own, and these seem like they would preserve the food well.

  24. These are also great for my pet treats as well as for the kids . I hate using toxic plastics so these are wonderful and safe too.

  25. The Inobaby Glass Baby Food Cubes look like they’re the right size for holding portion controlled leftovers. I like that they’re glass, so they don’t get stained by carrots or beets.

  26. Oh, these are great! I’ve been trying to throw out my plastics little by little while I replace them with glass. I like that these are spill-proof. The plastics I have always spill into my daughter’s bag.

  27. I like these little containers and didn’t even think about planning for baby food storage. I don’t think we have anything small at home to use at the moment…

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