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Inexpensive Home Decorating With Curtain & Bath Outlet

A special thanks to Curtain & Bath Outlet for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Inexpensive Home Decorating With Curtain & Bath Outlet

 About The Curtain & Bath Outlet

“The Company was built on the philosophy of buying large volumes of merchandise, and selling it at a discount. Since Ann and Hope’s prices were very low, they had to have low operating expenses. As a result, the Chases implemented several innovations. One of those changes was the use of central checkouts that are now commonly found in most discount stores. Another was the use of shopping carts in a discount store setting.

Today, the second and third generations of Ann and Hope’s founders operate 12 Curtain & Bath stores in 3 New England states. In addition to these stores the company runs other concepts such as Dollar Outlet and the Garden Outlet. While you may no longer be able to buy everything from food to stereos to sporting goods under one roof, each store has an outstanding selection of products at prices that are the lowest you will find anywhere. Some things never change!”

Inexpensive Home Decorating With Curtain & Bath Outlet

When we first moved into our new home, I was so excited about all of the large, bright and beautiful windows. Once I realized how much it was going to cost me to place curtains over all those windows… my excitement began to dwindle. I shopped around my local stores, browsed the internet and even checked out some yard sales. After all of my searching I found that finding quality curtains for an affordable price was rare and hard to come by. You either have to settle for curtains cheap in quality at a decent price, or spend an arm and a leg on high quality curtains. I came to the realization that getting all of my windows covered was going to be a process, as dropping a couple hundred dollars at once was just not within our budget. Then by coincidence I came across a fabulous website called Curtain & Bath Outlet. The prices were well within my budget and they appeared to be very nice looking curtains. However, not being able to see them in person, I was still skeptical on the quality.

My Review

I went with four Lyon Jacquard Curtain Panels, in ivory and gold, to cover the two windows in my bedroom. I wanted something that would darken the room enough not to wake me up first thing in the morning on the weekends, but still allowing a comfortable amount of sunlight in.These curtains provided that perfectly for the room and I was so in love with how they brightened up the room. What was even more thrilling is that they very nice quality curtains, not cheap or poorly designed at all! Ivory and gold was a great color choice, as I can change the theme of my room, as well as the bed set, and still be able to match it with the new stuff.

Inexpensive Home Decorating With Curtain & Bath Outlet

The designs on the curtains are so elegant and they really add a special and unique look to the room. The polyester fabric makes them easy to clean and maintain, without worrying about them getting a worn out look after a few washes. Overall I am highly impressed with these window panels and could not be more pleased with the beauty it has brought to my room… and at such an affordable price! If you are seeking an inexpensive way to decorate your home, I highly recommend you visit their website today!

Inexpensive Home Decorating With Curtain & Bath Outlet

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