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Increase Your Savings Online With These Helpful Tips

Increase Your Savings Online With These Helpful TipsIt’s hard to imagine our world without the internet. All of us are connected in far more ways than ever before. Information is freely flowing between us. Communication can be achieved by text, image, and video simply and instantly. It’s no wonder there are so many people trying to make money from these free services. And many more of us are desperately seeking savings in the same way. Looking to get more from your connection? Try out some of these easy ways to make money and save money online today:


When you shop at the mall or on the Boulevard, you’re paying for more than you’re getting. For a start, you probably drove there. That’s a fuel cost and a parking fee to pay straightaway. Then when you reach the checkout with your purchases, you’re paying for the store’s retail premises overheads. They have electric, rent, staff, cleaners, and security at that store that bumps up the cost of the goods and services you’re buying. And it’s all premium rate because it’s in town!

Shopping online does away with many of those overheads. That’s why so many small businesses never bother with a retail outlet. Business conducted online reaches everyone, not just the people passing a small town store. And for shoppers, that means they can buy goods and services from anywhere in the world. Less staff and more shoppers mean your favorite eStore can pass those savings onto you with cheaper goods. Some stores don’t handle the overseas shipping. Instead, you would have to use an international parcel forwarding service to get your goods back to the US. It’s worth considering this if you want to open your own eStore.

Increase Your Savings Online With These Helpful Tips

You can sell from your personal website with a simple button linking to your PayPal account. But if you’re hoping to make some serious money, you may need a formal eStore website with all the shopping cart facility and security embedded. Your website will need to be slick and full of interesting information and articles to ensure a good SEO rating. Paying for advertising on the search engines can become quite costly. Get your SEO in good shape first to save money on PPC adverts.


We’ve all got something to say. And social media has made it possible to have our thoughts and feelings shared with millions of others around the world. But if you enjoy writing more than the odd 140 character statement, you could be enjoying an income from Blogging. Many bloggers start from nothing. They post a few interesting articles and share them through their social media accounts. They might use the blog website to sell the odd eBook too. But where you’ll really earn your money is through sponsored posts and product reviews. Hiring a local seo can also be useful in increasing your monthly earnings.

Can Blogging save you money too? Yes, it can. Many of the big brands that want you to write up something promotional about their products will give you the products for free. Others may also offer you a cash incentive. You can take this as far as you want to. However, if you don’t have a significant number of visitors and subscribers to your website, you won’t see many brands making a pitch for you. This all takes time. Don’t quit the day job just yet.


Most, if not all, companies offer flash sales and promotions to their online customers. It’s rare the retail outlet will offer anything better. So how can you make big savings this way? Start by picking your favorite brands. The stores where you shop most often will have FaceBook and Twitter accounts. They will also have a blog section of their website. These are the places where announcements about sales and promotions will be made. Subscribe, Friend, Follow. This will save you a lot of time checking in again and again to all those stores. Instead, those offers will flash up on your smartphone (assuming you’ve allowed notifications).

Many blog sites specialize in coupons. This means they will be the first to release special offer discounts for your favorite brands and stores. There are also voucher sites that list all the vouchers and promotions from across the web. Checking in with these can save you a fortune for that last minute purchase. Websites like Quidco also claim to offer cash back on your purchases at certain stores. It’s a good idea to read reviews about each of these sites before you waste any time or make a purchase based on a deal that never comes to fruition.


There are certain purchases we have to make every year. Insurances are essential. So are the energy services like gas and electricity. And you also have your phone and internet services to consider. There are plenty of comparison websites out there. They list hundreds of different companies offering the same essential services. Because we are all different, it’s impossible to assume that a friend’s low bill will still be low with your personal usage preferences. This is why you should compare offers regularly.

Some services force you to commit to a minimum contract period to tie you in. But the deal they’re offering may be worth the commitment. Using a comparison site will help you see clearly what the best price for your usage will be. This could save you a fortune. This is especially true if you compare the whole market every time your contract is up for renewal. Do it again if you move house, get a bigger than expected bill, or have a change of circumstances.


Banking is big business. It costs the average account holder a fortune every year. And nobody likes going down to the branch and queuing for hours to see a teller either. Internet banking has become more secure and more functional than ever before. And if you’re using a comparison website to find the best rates, you’ll probably be encouraged to move your account too. Many of the big banks offer apps so you can keep a very close eye on your accounts.

Increase Your Savings Online With These Helpful Tips

Savings and investments can also be managed online. Transfers between bank accounts are simple. And you can even help your friends out with a quick cash transfer. If you go into the branch, chances are the customer service representative you see will want to sell you something. It may be a savings account, a new mortgage or even an add-on service. They have targets to meet and commission to earn. Banking online avoids this. And you’ll also be able to view the entire range of products and accounts you’re interested in.


The internet has given a forum for everyone with a passion for the arts and entertainment. YouTube, in particular, offers a platform for all those wannabe singers and musicians. There are stand-up comics and actors across the globe that you can view. And many of them are earning a fortune in advertising revenue from it! They’re getting the fame and acclaim they dreamed of. A healthy stream of income is also available for them doing exactly what they love.

Very few of them utilize professional studios. Many are in their bedroom! Nobody expects polished production values. They’re after entertainment. And, thanks to the power of social media, it’s now easier to find than ever. You too could be enjoying thousands of views and a steady trickle of income at the same time. Of course, you can enjoy the millions of other videos currently trending on your favorite YouTube channels.

Increase Your Savings Online With These Helpful Tips

It’s not just YouTube that is streaming into our homes and onto our mobile devices. More and more TV programs and movies are available for a subscription to view anywhere at any time. Netflix is perhaps the biggest. A free app for almost any device and a monthly fee gives you access to tons of entertainment. If you prefer music, you might subscribe to one of the streaming music apps. They can give you complete control of the playlist. From chart toppers to classical music, you can enjoy what you want when you want it. These online services are substantially cheaper than buying the Blu-Rays or CDs too.

Love to read? If you do, you may have bookshelves positively overflowing with paperbacks. eReaders saves you space and can save you a dollar or two on the cover prices as well. And if you have a subscription service, you can read all you like for a flat monthly fee. The thing people like the most about eReaders is they’re lighter than the average hardback (and many paperbacks too). And they store thousands of books. Perfect for your purse when you travel.

Of course, there are millions of ways you can make money online. You might trade using an app instead of paying for an expensive trading firm. You might sell all your old clothes or gadget on one of the auction or used items websites. You might even crowdfund your next big project or raise money for a good cause. All of these things save you a fortune in time, energy and money too. What do you do online?

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