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Ideas to Create Your Dream Master Bath

Ideas to Create Your Dream Master Bath

If there is one room I despise cleaning the most in my home, it would definitely have to be the bathroom. I remember how excited I was about my master bathroom when we first moved into our home, I envisioned quite candle lit baths and enough vanity space for all my beauty supplies. Despite the kids having two bathrooms of their own, our master bath has somehow become the dumping ground for all the towels, bath supplies and dirty laundry. I am constantly fighting back clutter on the counter space, where the children place brushes, detangler spray and random toys. How quickly we became accustomed to life and forgot about the original plans we had for that space. I recently found myself inspired again while looking up ideas to create my dream bathroom. I came across a resourceful website that had those creative juices flowing again. PlumbTile.com is a leader in the decorative plumbing marketplace with quality products, service and competitive prices. Here are some ideas I came up with that will hopefully inspire you to make those dream changes you have always wanted to make to your master bath!

adex-artisan-250Statement-Making Floor Tile

Why not start with something that significantly stands out in all bathrooms… the floor tile! Attention to detail is especially important when selecting your master bathroom tile. You can choose an assortment of different shapes, textures and materials, but focus on tiles that will complement your existing bathroom features. Plumbtile.com carries glass, stone and tile products made by major brand designers from around the world. Featuring collections from glass, tile and stone firms such as Adex Tile, America Universal, Cosa Marble, Hirsch Glass, Jeffrey Court, Spec Ceramics and Stone & Pewter Accents, Plumbtile stocks a selection to satisfy all glass, tile and stone product needs. 


alape-ab-sit-on-basins-250Consider the Sink

The bathroom sink is one of the most frequently used pieces in your bathroom, it’s also something you spend a significant amount of time cleaning. Consider sinks that will make it easy to wipe messes from the counter into the sink.  Featuring the widest array of bath, shower and lavatory products, Plumbtile.com carries products from virtually every major bathroom design and home improvement brands. You should have no problem finding one that fits the style and theme you are aiming for.



Bathroom-Lighting-215-215Design a Bathroom Lighting Plan

The most important area for bathroom lighting is the mirror. Ideally you should have wall-mount lights at each side of the mirror at about eye level, and a third light above the mirror. This arrangement illuminates your face from both sides and above, eliminating any shadows. Plumbtile.com specializes in providing the full range of premium lighting solutions, from outdoor landscape lighting to museum-quality, handmade decorative centerpieces. Whether traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, Plumbtile.com offers the lighting products that will make any interior or exterior space truly incredible.

I hope these tips were useful to you and you feel inspired to take back your master bath and turn it into a room you can be proud of!

Ideas to Create Your Dream Master Bath



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  1. When it comes to bathrooms I love tile that is interesting, and I love you advice to make a statement with it. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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