I Can Change The World Personalized Book

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I Can Change The World Personalized Book #ShareYourSmile

“Over 7 Billion People Live on the Planet, but Even a Small Child Has the Ability to Change the World “

This Christmas season, why not gift a child in your life a personalized book with a beautiful message? The all new I Can Change The World personalized book teaches children that change can start with just one person. The world may seem huge and full of many people. but of the over 7 billion people… there is only one you! There are s o many different ways to spread kindness and this book shows children various ways they can put kindness back into the world. Whether it mean they use better manners at school, being a good friend, or collecting food donations for those in need. The positive choices you make does matter and you are capable of being the positive change in our world. This book is just packed full of inspiration and will leave children wanting to spread their kindness.

Powerful messages from “I Can Change The World!” include:

“You have the power each day when you awake to make our world better with the choices you make,” and “Start out really simple and show us your smile. It gets passed to each person from mile to mile!”

“Today give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.”

I Can Change The World Personalized Book #ShareYourSmile

I See Me! is spreading the sunshine by donating $5,000 to feed those in need through the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project. Scary Mommy is one of the most popular online parenting destinations and is “more than just a humorous look at motherhood,” according to founder Jill Smokler. The Thanksgiving Project is in its 4th year and already has people “paying it forward.”

I See Me! will be asking customers, fans and friends to post a photo of their child (or them) smiling- and a caption about the good deed they did- using the hashtag #ShareYourSmile (The photo can be posted on the ISM Facebook page, or Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest). They have created a website that will showcase all the smiles using #ShareYourSmile!


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