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Classy & Elegant Leather Totes For Any Occasion

A special thanks to Pattern LA  for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Classy & Elegant Leather Totes For Any Occasion

About Pattern LA

“London-born designer, Tiffany Lerman, studied Fine Art at UCLA and Textile Design at FIDM. Tiffany’s pursuit for the perfect bag inspired her to design Chester, a collection of handbags in a beautiful variety of fashion-forward prints. Chester was so popular that she expanded into an array of licensed lifestyle products, including stationery, bedding and kitchen accessories. In her latest venture, Tiffany returns to her first love with her new line, Pattern. Named as a play on TT, her nickname, Pattern offers a vibrant collection of essential tote bags featuring exclusive and delightful textile designs. Pattern embodies a simple, casual and charming look that women will want to carry with them everywhere – from the beaches of Hawaii to the streets of London!”

Classy & Elegant Leather Totes For Any Occasion

I pride myself on the fact that despite being a mother of three young children, I still have managed to keep somewhat of a fashion sense. I may not have the time and energy to get my nails and hair done regularly now that I have kids, but my love for stylish bags is something I can still maintain. I have an absolute obsession with bags, they can really make your confidence shine, even if you are covered in spit up and cheerios. I typically leave the house with a diaper bag, but there are places and situations where a more compact and convenient bag would be most appropriate. We recently attended a Halloween event in which my husband was out of state during that day and I would have to manage it solo. Keeping track of two children in a crowded place with a baby in my arms was going to be a challenge, so lugging a large diaper bag was certainly not logical. I decided to grab my Pattern Signature Leather Bag and toss in all of my essentials. This is a beautiful leather tote with a soft leather that makes carrying on your shoulder a breeze. The die cut pattern gives it an elegant and classy look that leaves people unable to keep their eyes off from it! This is such a unique and eye catching design and I constantly have people asking  me where I got the bag. I have no problem carrying it on my shoulder and easily assessing stuff quickly. This bag ended up working out perfectly at the Halloween event and I was so grateful that I didn’t bring a bulky diaper bag. 

Classy & Elegant Leather Totes For Any Occasion

The simplicity of this bag is what I love most and I’m not left scrambling around trying to find something, as there aren’t endless amounts of pockets. A single button pocket on the inside is perfect for your cell phone and keys. The sturdy and flat bottom allows you to keep all your items standing in pace. Plus the straps are the perfect length for over the shoulder wear and keeping your items safe from sneaky hands.

Classy & Elegant Leather Totes For Any Occasion

 Overall this is an exceptionally Classy & Elegant Leather Tote For Any Occasion! I am so pleased with both the quality and style and just adore how it can turn a plain outfit into glamorous!

Classy & Elegant Leather Totes For Any Occasion

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