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How You Can Give Your New Home A Great Makeover Without Breaking The Bank


Everyone is looking carefully at their budgets right now. Following the pandemic, we are all being more cautious about spending a lot of money on big projects. But giving your new home the new look that you want doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Know How Much You Can Afford To Spend

Create a detailed budget that breaks down exactly how much you can spend on your interior design. Factor in every cost involved in moving if you are planning your interior design project before you have done so. Include loan repayments in your budget. Remember that banks are restarting mortgage foreclosures.

Figure Out What Your Needs Are

Make a list of must-haves for your interior design. Prioritize the most important elements. Decide what you can leave for a later date. Make a timetable for each stage and have a strict cut-off point for any ongoing work. Look at the property with fresh eyes before you start. See if there are any elements of your plan that seemed important before you moved in that now feel unnecessary.

Find The Right Designer

Research interior designers in your area to find the right fit. Look for examples of previous work to get a feel for what their style is. Talk to them before you agree to anything so you can both see if you are on the same page. Go over your budget, your timeline and your personality to give them the best possible starting point. Talk to a designer like Jennifer Fisher to see the importance of personality in crafting an interior design project that matches your expectations. Ask for regular updates to be sure that you are happy with the direction they are going in.

Choose Materials Carefully

Look for recycled or previously used materials to save money and to reduce the carbon footprint that your project will have. Ask your interior designer for a range of materials to find the best combination of price and quality. Look for suppliers that are based nearby to cut out any excessive shipping costs. 

Know When To Stop

Recognize problems that are too big to overcome on your budget. Be prepared to call a halt, temporary or permanent, if you become uncomfortable with the cost. Remember that interior design is only one of the costs that come with a new house. Check mortgage refinance rates before you make a decision on your home loan. Identify good pause or stop points in your process ahead of time to minimize disruption.

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