How We’re Making Math Fun For Our Kids

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I am currently homeschooling three of my children while the schools here in Georgia are shut down. While our state has an amazing online learning system already impelemented, I am still finding it difficult to keep the kids busy oncce their assigned work is complete. My third grader in particuar is getting through his work in just a few hours (sometimes less) so I recently started researching other ways to keep him engaged in learning. That eventaully lead me to a website called where you can find a huge selection of fun learning games that your children will enjoy! The best part is that these games are absolutely free!

How We're Making Math Fun For Our Kids

What Is Calculators?

Here is a driect quote from the person who designed this webite: “I built this site because I want to create a collection of some of the best calculators available online, categorize them, and offer them to you so that you can find the answers you seek. It’s a great way to help teachers, students, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between make their daily lives a bit simpler!”

What I find so intriguing about this website is that it isn’t a series of mindless learning games, your children will actually be learning real life skills! How often fo you hear your child question what they are learning and when will they ever apply this when they are in the real world? This is a very valid question and there are many skills that are not taught at school that your child can learn and practice on this websit. From investing to credit cards… to reirement and business… there is an abndance of resources here to help your child learn about this very important subjects!

How We're Making Math Fun For Our Kids

My third grader has really enjoyed staying fresh on his math skills and is enjoying all of the fun and challenging math games. There are many different styles  of games, so your child is definitly going to find one that suits their style of learning. My son really enjoy playing video games so I was pleased to so that there were games in this format. It is always nice to see your child having fun when playing a learning game and begging to keep on playing! Check out this game that he is mastering math skills with (see image below).

How We're Making Math Fun For Our Kids

If you have a middle school aged child then you will be pleased to know that there are also many learning games for their age bracket as well. I have had my daughter focusing on the “savings” category as she has shown interest in starting to learn about this. There is so much usefull information on this website that teaches them about this topic and allows them to apply numbers so they can understand how their savings earn them more money. If your chid is interested in learning about the responsibilities of a credit card, there is even a section on that! 

Overall I have been very pleased with this website and my children are learning so much from it! If you are looking for a free website that provides many free and vauable resources to keep your children learning, I highly reccommend you check out!

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