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How We Saved Tons of Money When We Purchased Our First Home

A special thanks to Slickdeals for sponsoring this post. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Buying your first home is by far one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. After years and years of renting and not being able to have our home exactly how we wanted it, I could not wait to start doing renovation projects once we purchased our first home. We quickly became regulars at our local Home Depot and some days we walked through the front door multiple times a day. We have been in our home for about four years now and Home Depot is still the first place with think of to go anytime we have something that needs to be fixed, replaced, renovated or decorated. From replacing rotting wood on the back deck… to replacing the outlet covers to more a more modern style… and the plants for the new garden we started… Home Depot was the place we went. We even went there the week of Thanksgiving this year to get our artificial Christmas tree and decorations because their prices were simply the best in the area!

So how did we save tons of money when we purchased our first home? We shopped smart! I have always been a smart shopper and before I leave the house, I will go online and look for the specific item I am shopping for and try and find who is selling it the cheapest (or who is having the best sale). This can get a little overwhelming when online, there are so many different deal websites out there that don’t stay current or are just popping your screen full of adds. I strictly stick to looking for deals with Slickdeals because it is the easiest to navigate and I can always find the best deals and all of the Home Depot Coupons. While using their website to finds deals a coupons, you can just search for the specific store or website where you would like to save. I

love their website because they always have the most up to date information on a store or websites current sales and promtions. I just happened to take a peak there now and discovered that Home Depot is offering FREE SHIPPING on all holiday items. This is the perfect way to get all those last minute holiday deocr items without having to leave the house. There are so many other sales and promotions going on, more than I care to list here, but the point I am trying to make is that you need to pay attention to these deals! Don’t just go out to the store without a plan, that is how we end up spending more money than needed. Just take a quick look at what the deals are and save money by shopping those particular deals. You don’t have to update and renovate everything in your house when you first move in. If light fixtures happen to be on sale on week, that would be the week to shop for them. If they are having a massive sale on appliances another week, that would be the time to shop if you need to update them. Wait out those sales and you are going to save a ton of money on your new home. 

Let me know in the comment section below some tricks you use to save money on your home!

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