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How to Teach Your Man How To Be More Bargain Savvy

How to Teach Your Man How To Be More Bargain SavvyNow we don’t want to generalize, but when it comes to finances, especially finding a bargain, men can certainly learn a few things from women. Or maybe we can generalize because the facts are there, especially in business. For example, hedge funds managed by the fairer sex have outdone their rivals for the past eight years. But we aren’t here to talk about business. We are here so you can teach your man how to better pinch pennies in everyday life, an important necessity if he is going to spoil you and the kids a little bit more each month. Sound fun. We thought so.


It’s so simple to make a packed lunch and yet hardly anyone does it, so why not teach your other half about how much time and money he could save each month by cooking up spicy lentil dish on Sunday night and eating in a variety of ways during the week: salads, pitta bread, pasta etc. It’s got to be better than buying the same $5 sandwich each day, which over the course of a month would come to a total of $100.


It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but turning your heating down one notch (by which we mean one degree), could save you a tidy sum over the course of the year. You’ll be amazed at how warm a nice cuppa can make you feel, or soup, or that spicy lentil dish.

How to Teach Your Man How To Be More Bargain Savvy

Check Your Finances

There is no point in hiding from the inevitable, in fact burying your head the sand you’re probably doing more harm than good. By knowing what is in your bank, exactly what is in it, you will know whether you need to save or whether you can in fact start putting some of your cash to better use. How? Well let’s say you are doing well financially (despite all your panicking), why not start paying an extra $20 on your mortgage payments every month. Do the math. Over 25 years you could yourselves near $5000 in interest. Now he’s listening isn’t he.


Bargains can be found everywhere online, your man just needs to know where to look for them. Sure there are the big stores like Amazon and eBay, but there are also online brokers that will help you find the best deals out there, including Amazon and stuff in their searches. If you don’t believe us, just check out Allyouneed Fresh and see what you could save on everything from fashion to games to travel to food and drink.


Now this can be a touchy subject, you know, telling the man how to drive. But if you tell him about the savings he could be making you may see his ears prick up a touch. So, here are some tips: keep the tire pressure high; take your roof rack off; don’t use the air con unnecessarily; and finally, don’t drive at eighty-five when seventy will do. Sure, if you’re having a baby, drive fast, but if you’re saving for a baby, seventy instead of eighty will use 25% less fuel.

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