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How to Spend Less on Services Without Losing Out

Whether you love to visit the hair salon on a monthly basis or get your car professionally washed on a weekly basis, there are some services that you just can’t live without. However, when you’re trying to cut down on your expenses, it might be easy to assume that you’ll have to miss out on your beloved amenities. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can utilize to spend less on services without losing out. Consider the following three ideas to get started on your journey to keeping more money in your pocket.


  1. Search for Coupons, Discounts, and Deals

Gone are the days where you needed a newspaper, scissors, and time to take advantage of company discounts. Now, you just need to download an app on your phone or a widget as a browser extension. When it’s time to pay for a specific service, you can opt for notifications of any potential discounts. Join the email lists of your favorite companies to see if you can take advantage of a 15% off deal or more. If you follow various companies on social media, they’ll advertise upcoming sales and more. As you notice the trends in terms of when sales happen, you can plan your purchases accordingly. Pay attention to seasonal sales that various companies offer. Even if the coupon or deal expires, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to the company to find out if they will still redeem it since you’re a faithful customer.


  1. Bundle Your Services

Pay attention to the businesses you regularly patronize to see what their service offerings are. If there are numerous offerings you tend to get at other places, consider a consolidation method. If you’re someone who loves to tan, get massages, and exercise, see if it’s possible to find a gym where you can enjoy all three services at a flat rate. Simply do a Google search for ‘gyms with tanning near me‘ and see what other amenities they offer. This one trick can save you hundreds (if not thousands) each month. If you love to get a bi-weekly manicure, find a salon to manage your eyebrow maintenance, waxing, and more.


  1. Pay Upfront

Even though there is an initial investment, you’ll save money when you take advantage of an upfront payment option. First, see if this is an option that companies offer. If so, note how much you’ll be able to save. When you pay in installments, many companies will charge more for the monthly fee. However, many companies will offer a significant percentage in discounts if you pay for the entire year. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a streaming service or a delivery service, paying upfront will be more money at the top of the year, but you’ll save money when you look at the big picture.


  1. Join the Rewards Program

When you’re loyal to a company, give them an opportunity to be loyal to you. One of those opportunities is joining a customer rewards program. Join the reward company for your favorite companies to take advantage of discounts, cheaper rates for specific services and upgrades in your membership status. Many airlines and credit card companies provide a lot of value to the members who join their rewards programs. Just be sure to follow the terms and conditions required to take full advantage of the perks.


As you work through the art of negotiating and other savings tactics, always remember that it’s okay to simply ask the manager or owner for a deal. Even though it might seem intimidating to do, it never hurts to ask if you can get a special discount. This is especially true if you plan on being a faithful customer. Don’t try to get over on the owner because this can be in poor taste. However, if you know that you don’t want to decrease your patronage of a specific establishment, see if it’s possible to work out a fair arrangement.

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