How to Set Up In-Ground Dog Fence

Do you plan to install an in-ground fence at your home? An in-ground fence is a great way to make your yard look open while keeping your dog from escaping. An in-ground fence uses underground wire that transmits a shock when your dog goes outside the system’s bounds. How do you install it? Well, check out this article to find out. 

1)  Plan Your Dog Fence Installation

First, you need to plan on the exact area that you wish to contain your pet in. This will help you buy the correct size of the wire. An in-ground fence allows you to customize the containment area of your pet. Before you start installing the fence, you need to:

  • Purchase The Right In-Ground Fence for Your Dog – Before you buy in-ground dog fences, you need to know some of the features that you should look for in the right fence. You can find a review of different brands of underground fences and their cons & pros. The review will help you decide on the best invisible-fence that meets your needs. Petsho explains that an in-ground fence uses underground wire that transmits a shock when your dog goes outside the system’s bounds.
  • Mark Your Underground Utilities – Before you start digging, make sure that you call your local utility providers to mark underground lines such as gas, telephone, and cable. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting one of these lines, leading to the high repair cost.
  • Tools You Need – To simplify the installation process, ensure that you have the right tools. These tools include a ruler, level, screwdrivers, wire stripper, shovel, and waterproof wire splices. Other optional tools are power drill, mortar, circular saw, and hand weeder.

Now you can plan your wire and aerial installation. The process of fitting dog fence wires and transmitters is not very complicated, but it is tough. Ensure that you consider the following as you plan where to install your fence.

  • Wire – Start by drawing a basic diagram of your property. Then decide the areas that you would want your pet to access. Do you have a pool or flowerbed, or do you want to keep your dog in the yard? You can now ponder upon the boundary signal. The in-ground dog fence wire discharges a boundary signal in a range around the wire.
  • Transmitter – It is essential to install the fence transmitter in a dedicated power source. Therefore, choose an installation area close to an outlet that you will not need to use for other purposes. Furthermore, ensure that the area is well protected from rain and wind.

2) Begin Installation

Now that you have planned your in-ground fence installation, you can now start installing the boundary wire. Lay the wire across the boundaries of the confined area and ensure that you have enough wire to cover it. While installing, make sure that you avoid twisting the wire as best as possible since this can cause issues when transmitting the signal.

After you lay the wire, now start digging a trench for your fence. You can use a spade to form a thin furrow between 1-6 inches deep in the areas you want to protect. The dugout does not necessarily need to be wide; you only need to create a room for your wire. Now you can install the boundary wire. Put the boundary wire inside the trench and cover the wire.

An in-ground fence will not be complete without a transmitter. Every transmitter has different installation instructions, so ensure that you read the manual before installing it.

3)  Set Up The Collar

After installing an in-ground fence for your dog, you can now fit the collar on your pet and find the right correction level. Both the transmitter and collar work together to keep your dog in your yard and within the confined area. Your transmitter will send radio signals to the receiver collar that your dog wears.

In case you have more than one pet, you can buy additional receiver collars. However, ensure that you check the compatibility when purchasing the extra collars. Your dog will learn to pay attention to warning sounds that remind him of boundaries.

4) Train Your Dog

Lastly, teach your dog to respect the new boundaries. You can take your dog to the border every hour on a tight leash. Every time take it at a different point in the yard and do not let it cross the border. It can take two days or more of continuous hourly training for your pet to understand where the invisible boundaries lie.

The underground dog fence is one of the best ways to keep your dog safe. You can follow these simple steps to install it or get an expert to do it for you.

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