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How to Save Money Buying Goods Out of Season

If you’re looking to bag a bargain a great way to start is by buying items before you need them and storing them for a few months. With a bit of planning, and somewhere to keep things safe, you can save lots of money by being savvy about when you shop.

If you are lucky enough to own an empty garage, loft or even a spare room, you have an obvious place to store your bargains until you need them. The rest of us need not worry as modern self storage units are air-conditioned and secure keeping your possessions in the best possible condition (even better than in your unheated, damp garage or hot, stuffy attic). With the savings you can get on some items, you may save quite a good amount of money even factoring in the unit rental (but check this handy self-storage price comparison table to be sure).

Obvious items to buy out of season are ones that you only use in a particular season, but there are other, less obvious items that have a season and that you can save on if you can wait until the time is right.

Garden Furniture

Pretty much anything you use outdoors is best bought in the autumn. Anything from garden furniture through barbecues, kids toys and camping equipment to lawnmowers and tools. These items take up a lot of space in the warehouse so businesses are keen to get them out of the door.

Ski Wear

The ski season ends in Europe in April so if you’re more fussed about being warm and protected than wearing the year’s latest trends then buying your ski equipment in April and May can save you money which you can then spend on a holiday next year perhaps? That’s one of my favourite money management tips.


Most people aren’t organised enough to buy their Christmas decorations in January (or if they are they lose them and need to buy more come December). You can take advantage of this by bucking the trend.

In fact, any celebration that the shops sell specific items for is a target for your bargain hunting. Buy Halloween decorations and costumes in November, Easter items just after Easter (typically mid to late April). Even costumes for World Book Day are sold off just after the day (which is good news if you want to update the fancy dress box).


Obviously seasonal appliances like electric blankets or air conditioning units can be bought as a bargain once the weather changes but most electrical and electronic goods also have a season caused by the workings of the tax year amongst other things. Japan also have a tax year that ends in March so early March is when they are trying their hardest to shift old stock.

Carpets and Furnishings

We like to get together in the winter and so many people buy new furniture or get new carpets in the run up to Christmas. More look for bargains in the January sales and companies know this. Which means February is actually a better time to look for a bargain as companies try to get rid of their overstocks in preparation for new models in the Spring.

Buying out of season is a great way to save money over the course of the year-. But make sure you know what you’ve put away in your cheap storage units, to save purchasing the same item more than once!

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