How to Safely Arrange for a Private Event During COVID

Although the physical health of your friends and family in the time of the coronavirus pandemic is likely your top priority, it’s important to consider everyone’s mental health as well. Studies reflect the importance of remaining socially connected and engaged in order to support well-being, and to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. Fortunately, it’s still possible to safely gather outdoors with those you love, and planning an excursion like whale watching San Diego can be a great way to get folks together. Here’s how to put on a safe event during COVID-19.

  1. Work With Professionals

Rather than try to plan an outing during the outbreak all by yourself, turn to trusted professionals to arrange everything from setting the agenda to overseeing safety protocols. By booking a private boat charter San Diego with an experienced sailing team, you can feel assured that your voyage will be not only fun and enjoyable, but also as safe as possible. Responsible charter companies are implementing rigorous screening, distancing, cleaning, and sanitizing measures to minimize health risks. And because you’ll be sailing in the open air, you’ll avoid many of the concerns associated with being indoors in close quarters. Embarking on an ocean journey can be the ideal way to safely spend time together and reconnect.

  1. Communicate the Plan

Some of the folks you know may be understandably concerned about attending a social gathering during the pandemic, so conveying details about the event can be reassuring to them. Advise your guests how and when to gather for check-in, and share with them what to bring, how to dress, and any other pertinent details so they feel prepared for their experience. Communicate to your guests what they can expect in the way of safety protocols, and let them know the event is private and that the guest list will be limited to family and friends. If you’ve planned a sunset cruise San Diego that will feature drinks and dinner, assure attendees that everything will be served in a safe and sanitary manner.

  1. Make Safety Fun

Ultimately, you want your gathering to be both safe and enjoyable. With a bit of creativity, you can ease the tension some may be feeling about attending an event during the pandemic. If you’ve chosen an ocean cruise as your outing, why not provide masks with fun nautical designs to fit the setting? For entertainment, plan games that don’t require close socializing, such as awarding a prize to the first person who spots a whale, dolphin, or sea lion. Most importantly, remind your guests that you’ve planned this excursion to help them relax, and encourage them to leave their worries back onshore.

By following proper health protocols, you can enjoy time socializing while minimizing any potential risks. Check online to find an experienced crew to help you organize an outdoor outing like whale watching San Diego. With the help of the right team, you can host an event that gives your friends and family a chance to reconnect in a safe and healthy way.

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