Dealing with slots addiction on your own

Most deposit and play slots are fun, there’s simply no different way to consider it (at least not if you’re doing it right), but it’s crucial to be mindful that slots also can be habit forming, and ultimately addictive if you are not careful. This is one thing that does not happen overnight; it’s a slow, invisible process that you won’t realise has a hold on you until you’re totally addicted, by that point it’s way too late to step back – you will need to take decisive action instead. 

Working with the addiction is one thing which everybody might have to do, and it is best achieved sooner rather than later before too much damage is done. Although it is ideal to involve others to help support you through the work and lifestyle changes which will need to be done, it’s clear why many people would want to keep any addiction of theirs a secret. If perhaps that’s the situation for you, the following are a few methods to cope with your slot addiction on your own. 

Accept The Problem

Before anything could be accomplished to alter the conditions of your addiction you are more likely to have to acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place. Unless you allow that to happen, you will simply continue the same manner. This is the main reason it is not possible to stop slots if you don’t believe you have a problem, as well as exactly why you have to achieve this realisation on your own. 

It’s tough to accept you have a problem in this way, but if it is causing you issues within the rest of your daily life, whether that be financial, problems in relationships, problems with health (perhaps due to insufficient sleep) and stress, or perhaps not enough productivity at work, you’re likely to have to act sooner rather than later. 

Play With A Budget & A Time Limit

After you do realise you have a problem you may just assume you’re in a position to stop playing slots, walk out, and all will be well. In fact, this is not a good way to cope with things. By stepping away totally, you could be making the situation worse since you’re likely to be very determined to go back to the slots you love and then binge on them.   

Instead of stepping away entirely, start to limit the amount of time and how much cash you are playing with. If one is used up before another, that’s the one you have to focus on. By playing for just 10 minutes a day, for example, and simply using a pound every time, you’re in a position to still enjoy the online games that you are craving, but you will be carrying out less harm. You could start with a prolonged time as well as more money and as time goes by you will be in a better place to take them down, weaning yourself off completely. 

What Else Might You Do?

When you are finding it hard to stay away from internet slots and your addiction is as strong as ever, why not produce a list of the things you could be doing if you weren’t connected to a device through the entire day enjoying slots? What other fun things could be filling your time? There are countless hobbies and activities out there in the world that you could be doing instead of slots, and if you choose something outdoors so you can’t ‘accidentally’ start playing, that’s even better.

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