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How to Protect Your Kid’s Future When Injured on the Job

How to Protect Your Kids’ Future When Injured on the Job Getting injured on the job is perhaps one of the most complicated insurance claims you’ll ever need to make because there are so many governmental rules and regulations in place (Workers’ Comp) as well as those established by your company’s insurance provider. In fact, there is so much red tape and legal jargon to weed through that even the slightest of injuries may not get just compensation without the injured party being represented by a personal injury attorney.

Using California as an Example

Following are a few highlights in regards to the State of California Guidebook for Injured Workers to give you an idea of just how complicated a workers’ comp claim can be and why a personal injury attorney such as you would find at Bohn & Fletcher in San Jose would need to be hired to represent you. This is especially important if you have been injured on the job and have kids depending on you for their well being and financial security until they come of age.

Workers’ Comp in 50 States

Today’s workforce is highly mobile. That’s a fact. One day a worker may be working in Alaska on the pipeline and the very next day that same worker may be working on an oil rig, for a different company, in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this variation in geographical location, laws regarding injured workers may vary significantly from one job to the next. The point being made is that you really need to be expert in law to determine if you are truly getting just compensation for injuries sustained and this is quite difficult to do as all states have their own guidelines.

The California Handbook

The State of California has issued guidance on Workers’ Comp as mentioned above, called Workers Compensation in California – A Guidebook for Injured Workers. Now then, try reading though that booklet. It may seem perfectly straightforward on first glance, but really take a look at this 50+ page book that talks about what is covered, what is not covered and what you should (or shouldn’t) do in case of injury. If you have sustained any injuries that would prohibit you working in the future and you have young children at home, do you really think you are going to have the mental fortitude to read through that booklet enough to understand your rights let alone how to protect yourself and your children? Probably not!

Who Is Representing Who?

This is just one state with guidelines. Now imagine moving from state to state as work deems necessary based on a constantly fluctuating economy. The best advice anyone can give you is to always hire an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you personally if you have been injured on the job. Remember, your boss’ premiums may be (and probably will be) impacted by major claims. Do you think his attorneys are going to represent you and your claim or your boss in view of keeping premiums affordable?

With such jargon as ‘predesignate’ (Workers Compensation in California – A Guidebook for Injured Workers, p.3) and other terms, it is vital that you understand your rights. Your children’s future could depend on it. In the event of a serious, life-changing injury, your personal injury attorney may be all that stands between you and a life of poverty because you are unable to work.

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  1. You are right about today’s employees being extremely mobile, so it is important to be aware of the law of your state . So it is important to contact a good lawyer, as they are best equipped to suggest ways to get the best compensation so that your kid
    s academic life and other expenses are not disturbed, get the best insurance coverage and compensation if you are a victim because of somebody else’s negligence.

  2. I was so worried when I got injured on my federal job that I wouldn’t be able to support my family. Luckily I found a company that assists with federal employee compensation claims and they helped me figure everything out. They even spoke to my employer, doctors and claims specialists. It allowed me to relax and recovery instead of constantly being worried!

  3. Amazing article. As an employee, It is important to contact a good lawyer, as they are best equipped to suggest ways to get the best compensation so that your kid’s academic life and other expenses are not disturbed. Thanks for sharing a post like this that contains useful content.

  4. I really like what you said about making sure to hire an experienced attorney to represent you. My brother just got injured on the job because he hurt his leg so badly that he needs crutches and he can’t work with crutches. Making sure that his kids are taken care of is a real priority in his life.

  5. Very informative article, I will follow what you said about it. I have seen my teammate injured during works and facing lots of issues after that. I will consult with a personal injury attorney for more information. Thanks!!

  6. I like that you said that work is based on a fluctuating economy. Putting jargon like predesignate is important. We will need help from an offshore injury attorney since my son was injured when we were visiting a site that we plan to work in.

  7. I just went through your blog and was amazed by the idea of hiring a personal injury lawyer to get you a fair compensation against the injury. Before reading this, I never knew anything like personal injury law existed. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  8. I like the thought! Yes, every State has different laws regarding Workers Compensation. Before setting your foot on buying this, make sure you understand your law about this.

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