How To Plan A Perfect New Year’s Eve With Kids

With the advent of Christmas, it’s time to celebrate not just the 25th but also the 31st. This year has seen waves of coronavirus, negativity, and deaths in a row, but thankfully December has been a month of joy and celebration. All of us are eagerly waiting to welcome 2022. Kids especially, want to welcome the New Year with lots of excitement.

Did you know that Sydney holds the biggest fireworks ever on New Year’s Eve, with over 80,000 of them being set off in the Harbor Bridge alone? In case you want to plan a wonderful NYE with kids, here are some ideas for you.

1. Game night

If you wish to spend the 31st at home with the warmth of your family and children, a game night is a perfect way to end the year!

Games like dumb-charades, Pictionary, tombola, or musical chairs will keep your kids entertained till the wee hours. These little games cost almost no money and can be easily arranged.

In fact, you must have bought your children board games like Monopoly when they were little. Now it’s time to bring out those dusty board games and put them to use!

2. Party entertainers

No matter how old your children are, entertainers are always there to provide them with all the fun and frolic they need. In order to hire only the best entertainers, you can contact Yabadoo Sydney

From clowns to magicians, and from pirates to jugglers- Yabadoo has it all. If you book a 1.5 or 2-hour birthday party, you get a magic show free! Yabadoo’s entertainers are top-quality professionals who love making children laugh.

The booking process is also very simple- all you have to do is choose your type of entertainer, fill a booking form, and make the payment. The entertainer will contact you and ask for any last-minute details if any. So if you’re thinking of a fun party, think Yabadoo!

3. Balloon clock

This is a very simple game you can play with your kids. Buy 12 balloons and label them from 1-12. Put a chit of paper in each balloon that has a fun task, for example, “walk backward” or “do a funny act of someone we know”.

When each hour is up, pop one of the balloons serially and perform the task written on the paper. You can also buy a pinata or a sparkly balloon for the last popping. When the clock strikes midnight, pop that balloon filled with candies or small goodies inside and enjoy!

4. Resolution tree

Putting down a Christmas tree and tinsels can be a slightly depressing task. So on the 31st, instead of throwing away the entire tree, just remove the decorations (or you can even keep a few).

Write down some easy New Year’s resolutions and hang them up on the tree. Some of the healthy resolutions for kids can be “eating a balanced diet” or “cutting down on television time”.

5. Have a fashion show

This is a fun activity for not only your kids but your neighbors’ kids too. Get together a group of children and ask them to dress up in any way they like. Or you can even go for a themed party, such as Disney princesses or Marvel superheroes.

You can even make the children walk on a small ramp as if they were in a fashion show. Another option is to perform a skit based on the character they have dressed up as and hold a competition. The top 3 winners get a fun bag of goodies or a hamper!

6. Cruise

If you would like to spend a bit of money and have a memorable NYE, you can go for a fancy cruise with a special dinner. There are various cruises available on the Sydney Harbor where they show spectacular fireworks.

There is a 90-minute cruise that offers sightseeing with commentary so that your kids can get to know the wonders of Australia better. The cruise rates are pretty low, starting from as low as $20 per adult, and will give you a breathtaking experience on the last day of the year.

Over to you…

These six ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve with your little babies will give you memories to cherish for the days to come and also let your children enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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