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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it can take a while for you to get used to it. It probably won’t feel like home at first, which can be a little worrying. You might feel like you’ve made a big mistake, especially if you’ve just bought your first home. Although you might not feel at home right away, you can soon start to feel like you belong there. You can also speed things along by doing a few things to make your new house feel like your home. Whether you live alone or you’ve moved in with a partner or children, you can ensure your new house starts to seem more like where you belong. Have a look at these tips to help you get settled in and feel more comfortable in your new home.

Start Getting Settled in ASAP

If you want to feel at home in your new house, don’t leave it too late to start getting settled in. In fact, you can make sure you start making it your home on your very first night. You can start making some fun memories by planning a cozy first day and night, even if you won’t be able to get everything unpacked at once. Plan to order some food or perhaps even get a head start on settling in by making a home-cooked meal. Even if you don’t have all of your furniture assembled yet, you can start to treat it as your new home.

Clean Everything When You Move In

One of the first things you will want to do when you move into your new home is to get it cleaned thoroughly. You might even want to do this before you get all of your stuff inside, so it’s beneficial to have a couple of days between getting the keys and moving in. You can arrange a one-off professional house cleaning if you don’t want to go through the effort of cleaning the house from top to bottom. A cleaning service can make sure it gets a proper deep clean so that it’s ready for you to make your home.

Unpack Quickly

It can be so easy to delay your unpacking when you move into a new home. There’s a lot to do, and you also have other commitments like work. Some things can sit there for months without being unpacked if you never need them. But the longer you have boxes that haven’t been unpacked, the longer it will take for you to feel like you’re at home. You should try to unpack as soon as you can so that you can feel more settled. Start with the things you need most, such as clothes and kitchen supplies, but don’t delay unpacking the slightly less essential items.

Plan to Decorate to Your Tastes

You might have chosen a home that will work for you, but that doesn’t mean it exactly matches your tastes. Any new home needs some adjustment if you want it to really feel like it’s where you belong. You don’t have to decorate everything at once, but start thinking about what you want to change in each room. If you have children, get them involved with what they think their home should look like, especially in their own bedrooms. Decorating your new home to your tastes will make it really feel like it belongs to you.

Include Familiar Home Comforts

If you want to get settled into your new home, making sure you have some of your familiar home comforts can really help. Perhaps there are certain sights and sounds from your old home that bring you comfort and make you feel like you’re in the right place. It could be the ticking of a clock, the scent of your favorite candles, or the sight of an ornament that you’ve had for a long time. Consider sensory experiences that make you feel at home

Get Into a Routine

It’s also helpful to start getting into a routine as soon as you can. You might replicate your existing routine from your old home, or perhaps it could be altered slightly due to the layout of your new home. Maybe you now have a bigger yard, which you want to incorporate into your routine by spending some time sitting outside in the morning or taking your dog out to play. When you get into the swing of things, you’ll feel much more at home.

Make your new house feel like home by spending some time settling in and carving out space for yourself.

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