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How To Make Every Room In Your House Feel Spacious

When you move into a small house, it’s hard to find enough room for all your belongings. After all, you don’t want to overfill the rooms as they can start to look cluttered! But you still need enough space for all your items. Here is some simple advice to make every room in your house feel spacious.

How To Make Every Room In Your House Feel Spacious

Use multi-functional items in your living room

It’s so easy for your lounge to get cluttered. After all, you add a couple of sofas and a coffee table, and the room can feel cramped. To make the room feel more spacious, you should pick items which are multifunctional for your living room. For example, you could go for a retro trunk which can be used for storage and extra seating. Or you could choose a coffee table which has draws to put blankets and DVDs. Having furniture which serves a range of purposes will ensure you don’t overbuy for your living room.

Leave those sides clear in your bathroom

I think we are all guilty of filling our bathroom with a dozen toiletries. But soon our array of shampoo and body washes can take over the sink! Therefore, you need to try and clear your sides in your bathroom. You could get a vanity cupboard which you can use to fill all your essentials. And remember not to swap your items to the sides in your bath; it’s easy to fill these with toiletries! And to make sure your bath ledge stays clear, you could even buy wall mounted bath taps. They will create space and help to make a minimalist look which is on-trend!

How To Make Every Room In Your House Feel Spacious

Add some mirrors in your bedroom

For a lot of people, adding a bed, wardrobe, and chest of drawers fills their bedroom. In fact, it can make the room look cramped. If you want more space in your bedroom, you should add some mirrors. They quickly make a room appear more spacious than it really is. You could even go for a large one which can go across the wall facing the bed. Or you could choose to hang several mirrors to create a fabulous design.   

Keep the walls light in your hallway

Our hallway is usually the smallest area of the house. But if you want to make it look more spacious, you should make sure you paint the walls a light color. A white or cream will help to manipulate the size of the hallway. And having it neutral is always great when it comes to designing the room. You can change the accents as often as you like and they will not clash with the walls!

Go for light window coverings in your dining room

You will be surprised how spacious the dining room will look in your house if you go for lightweight curtains or blinds. As much as heavy drapes are attractive, it can often swamp your room and make it feel cluttered. Therefore, go for a lightweight curtain or blind design to help make the room feel spacious. Or you could even leave the window uncovered to enable light to fill the room, so it feels bigger.

And remember to avoid unessential appliances in kitchen. They just take up too much space and will leave your kitchen looking cramped!

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