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How To Make An Awesome Candy Buffet On A Small Budget

If you have gone to a wedding or baby shower, birthday, or bar mitzvah recently, chances are you have enjoyed a candy buffet. Candy buffets are the most popular party trend around. However, if you decided to create your own candy buffet, beware. The expense of a candy buffet can get out of control very quickly. But, it doesn’t have to. We will share some tips with you on how to make a great candy buffet while staying on budget. First of all, dagashi is a great place to shop for delicious and fun Japanese treats. 

Candy supplier

    • The first thing you need is a bulk candy store. This is the secret to getting the candy you want, in the quantities and colors you want, at a much lower price than buying it locally. They also save you time because the candy is shipped directly to you (or where you authorize). Shipping charges are consolidated to save money. (Please note: if you include chocolate in your order, pay close attention to the temperature of the venue and storage of the candy. In some cases, it costs extra to get chocolate safely to you.)
    • Ask about any specials, sales, or promotions that are current or expected in your time frame.
    • Order your candy at least two weeks before your event.

Candy vases or jars

    • Use big jars for big candy. Fill the largest jars with big gumballs, jawbreakers, and other large pieces. Using smaller pieces of candy means you need more candy for the jar and that could more than double the cost.
    • Fill your jars ¾ of the way full. This saves money (holds less candy) and allows room for scoops and tongs. Use ribbons or labels to fill in the top section of the jar if you would like.
    • To make jars look better and hold candy like Rock Candy on a stick, Pixie Stix, tall suckers, and Nerds Ropes, add sugar to the bottom of the jar. It can be white or colored. It looks great, holds the candy in place so it looks better even if the jar is not as full.

Other treats

    • Save money and add some salty goodness to your table with bowls of pretzels, chips or crackers.
    • An inexpensive treat that always wows the crowd is cotton candy scoops in ice cream cones. You can place the cones in a cupcake holder.


    • NOTE: candy buffets are very popular. You probably have friends who have created them. Have a tea party and swap dishes, decorations, backdrops, tablecloths, and scoops.
    • Do not discount the dollar stores for inexpensive coverings, containers, and decorations
    • Watch garage sales and thrift stores for unique items
    • Use free sites to print labels, borders, signs, and pictures

Basics of your candy buffet

  • Tall candy vases or jars go on the back of the table. Middle jars are a bit shorter and wider, and the front jars or trays are smaller and short.
  • Place a centerpiece in the center of the table that goes with your theme. It can be candy, flowers, toys, candles, fruit or a sign.
  • You will need about 8-ounces of candy for each guest. If you make or buy specialty candy, limit it to one or two pieces per guest.
  • Fill in empty spots on the table with props, decorations, or other snacks
  • Allow your bulk candy supplier help you with your selection of the best deals.
  • Make sure you have enough scoops and tongs

If you need more information on making your candy buffet, there are step-by-step instructions online. But remember, the wonderful thing about a candy buffet is there is no wrong way to make one. Use your imagination and have fun.

Author Bio: Wendy Dessler (Super-Connector at OutreachMama)

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  1. The issue of a small budget when organizing some event is always very acute. But still it is so desirable to make this sweet pleasure for kids. I like proposed ideas, thanks a lot for sharing them with us.

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