How to Make a Dog Harness

In the US, there are 83.7 million dogs in our households. These 4-legged creatures are cute, funny, and loyal, which make the perfect personality traits for a best friend!

Your daily routine involves taking your pup out for walks so it can relieve itself and also explore. But if you have an upcoming trip, you’ll want something that gives you more control than just a collar and leash.

It’s best to order a harness, but what if you don’t have enough time to wait for it to arrive?

Read on to find out how to make a dog harness with things in your house!

Rope Harness

This idea is quick and easy, plus all you’ll need is some strong rope!

To make a dog harness, fold the rope in half and make an overhand knot on the folded end. Pull the role through and make 2 more similar loops.

Now, the knot should go over your puppy’s front shoulder. Loop the rope to its belly and pull it through the knot, then loop it through the other side of your pup’s chest to in front of its legs.

Fold the 2 ends together to make a leash.

Paracord Harness

If you’ve got some extra paracord, carabiners, a vinyl strap, and key rings lying around, then you can easily make this dog harness.

Basically, you’ll want to create 2 loops: 1 to go around your dog’s head, and another to go around its shoulders. The smaller head loop should have the 2 keyrings under your dog’s chin to connect the vinyl strap to the collar. And the larger shoulder ring should have 1 carabiner underneath and 1 on top.

Next, create a short cord to connect these 2 loops together. You can attach your leash to the top carabiner. The bottom one is for connecting all the harness parts together securely.

Fabric Harness

Want something gentler on your puppy’s skin and you’re handy with the sewing machine? Then try a fabric dog harness!

There are plenty of patterns to download online, so we suggest you take a look. Just make sure you use durable fabric, as your pet will surely jump and roll around! In addition to fabric, you’ll also need a D ring and Velcro.

If you can pump out a harness in no time flat, make several in different colors and patterns for various days of the week!

For your next outings, make sure you have the best dog harness (like a proper big dog harness) to ensure maximum comfort and security. But these DIY tips are great temporary solutions!

Know How to Make a Dog Harness in a Pinch

If you were wondering how to make a dog harness, you now have several methods to turn to. Because all you need are everyday objects in your house, you won’t have to run out to the pet store to buy an actual dog harness.

So if you’ve put in an order but can’t wait, then these DIY harnesses should do the trick!

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